Using the coronavirus crisis affecting everyone’ s lives, more celebrities are opening up about their psychological health struggles in an effort to assist others.  

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Youtube . com sensation Lele Pons has brought that a step further ready new YouTube documentary collection, The Secret Life associated with Lele Pons . The series drags back the curtains upon Pons’ s fame since she comes forward regarding dealing with OCD, Tourette symptoms, ADHD, and depression.  

The first episode of the collection is a vulnerable exploration of the web star’ s battle with OCD. There are even behind-the-scenes clips associated with some of her treatment, displaying a tearful Pons getting coached through her compulsions by a therapist.

In an job interview with Entertainment This evening , the particular 23-year-old revealed that she’ s actually disappeared to get treatment without anyone understanding. She said:

“ I’ ve already been doing that for a long time, occasionally my fans don’ capital t even notice when I’ m gone. I have matters accumulated, like content, yet I’ ve been to the ranch for a month with no anyone . Whenever it’ s really poor or when there’ h a really big project arriving, that might trigger a lot of our stuff, I go right now there to prepare myself. ”

The YouTuber is in advance in the documentary about several of her compulsions, which include carrying out things in threes, keeping her breath for a moment at a time, or switching lighting on and off. She told ET :

“ Every thing is so calculated, it’ h insane. When it comes to thoughts, There are fear of, ‘ If I don’ t do this three times, some thing bad is going to happen. ’ And you really, really, really believe it. It’ ersus not normal, you know? Due to the fact I know for a fact that absolutely nothing bad’ s going to occur, but the feeling is so presently there that you actually believe this, it’ s just tough. ”

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Lele received a connection between her OCD and her incredible efficiency over the years, starting with her achievement on Vine to her superstardom today. She explained:

“ Like, I’ m obsessed with hard work plus I’ m obsessed with producing videos. People are like, ‘ Wow, she makes a lot of videos, ’ and I’ m like, yup mainly because I can’ t prevent. There was a point where I’ d make three video clips a day and if I ceased I felt like my accounts was gonna be erased the next day, something bad had been gonna happen. So individuals were like, ‘ Wow, she’ s such a hardworking individual. ’ Like, no, they have to do with OCD too. ”

Speaking to Billboard , Lele admitted it was hard to view her own docuseries and see their self struggling:

“ It’ s very surprising. Right now, I’ m less bad as I was just before. Sometimes it just depends on exactly how I’ m feeling, exactly what I’ m doing, the therapy I’ m on that creates this, and right now, taking a look at the episodes I’ mirielle like, “ Wow, had been I really that bad? ” And I think, “ I’ mirielle so strong. ” Whenever you’ re really within pain, you don’ capital t even realize what you’ re doing. Seeing me personally act that way, I just begin crying because I don’ t recognize myself. ”

Ch-ch-check out the very first episode of The key Life of Lele Pons (below).