Yukiko Hasada, a fulltime housewife from Okazaki, Japan is a famous Youtuber, known for cooking miniature meals. From mini cod with white wine sauce to cherry and flower cake, Hasada has cooked and shared over 100 tiny dishes on her Youtube channel. 

The talented food chef starts by purchasing regular veggies, fruits and meat to prepare her dish, then trims them to go with her her tiny utensils which she buys online. She also shared that her ultimate goal is to start her own online shop for mini utensils. 

“I have been creating tiny food for around two years and I mainly get my inspiration from real dishes that I cook for my family,” she said. “Ingredients are the easier part, except fish and certain vegetables that are not common in Japan such as brussels sprouts and baby onions.”


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Hasada, who has over 100k subscribers on Youtube, shared that her most challenging experience so far has been making soft-boiled egg on her mini kitchen stove. “The most difficult part is definitely how to control the fire power since I can only use blocks of solid fuel in my mini stove,” she said. “Because of that, making sweets is very difficult.”

Hasada was inspired to create mini dishes after she bought a mini kitchen set. “I decided to give it a try when I came across the miniature kitchen set by accident.”

Here is a video of Hasada making a miniature carrot cake. 

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