UP-DATE, 10: 42 a. meters. PT —   Well, here comes the particular walk back…

As you can see (below), Jake John has officially addressed their presence at the looting of the Scottsdale, Arizona mall upon Saturday night with a complete message on  Tweets , via his phone’ s Notes app:

Hmmm… Are you buying his declaration here, or are you suspicious about the whole thing?

Either way, doesn’ t this seem a little weird going to up the protests for videos content?! Journalists are something, of course , but  Group 10 ?? Uhhh…


Seriously,   Mike Paul ?!

The multi-millionaire viral  YouTube superstar (and highly controversial body, to be sure) was outed as being among a group which was allegedly looting a shopping mall in Scottsdale, Arizona past due Saturday night. It’ ersus unclear whether he had been there to film, or even participate, or what, yet his presence is producing a LOT of discussion on social media marketing.

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This is why (below), social media videos in the scene at  Style Square Mall in Scottsdale, Arizona display Paul with what appears to be the videographer and some others close to him, amid a package of other people:

Wow!! Such a crazy scene down there within Scottsdale…

It’ s unclear whether John was participating in the supposed looting or not, or regardless of whether he was simply available to see it for themselves — or even possibly movie it for his Youtube . com channel. He hasn’ to tweeted or posted upon Instagram about any of the protests, or the apparent looting, since publication of this post upon Sunday morning.

Regardless, just his quite presence at the mall includes a lot of people feeling various ways about it.

One  Twitter user wrote (below):

“ jake paul has a 19 big net worth and a huge platform consisting of mainly children, and he’ s away here looting whilst other people get teargassed and defeat? f**k off he actually isn’ t s**t”

An additional social media user added a lot more, saying:

“ Literal black individuals are getting arrested for looting during these protests but jake John a whitened man is posting your pet breaking In fashion square throughout social media and nothing’ s i9000 being done???? WHY??? ”

Why, indeed!

And a third person additional more:

i am so fucking upset abt scottsdale fashion sq . being looted. it was not really part of BLM phx community (black-led + protesting downtown). mike paul + his other rich whitened friends are capitalizing away from this for attention + notoriety while doing absolutely nothing to support the actual movement”


Well said!!!

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Of course , the initial daytime protests across the country on Saturday had been peaceful and entirely law-abiding. As you no doubt know, these were organized in response to the dying of  George Floyd , a black guy in Minneapolis, who passed away last week while being jailed the city’ h police department when an official was caught on video clip kneeling on Floyd’ ersus neck for several minutes. That official has since been caught and charged with killing.

What do Oughout guys think about Jake Paul’ s presence at the protests — and really, later, in the alleged mall looting, y’ all? Does it help anyone to have a high-profile person like this there? Or is this individual a distraction? What do Oughout think about him showing up upon social media like that?!

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