Alexandra Burke can be opening up about a very unsatisfactory and disturbing part of the songs industry — and she’ s not holding back again at all.

The particular former  X-Factor star, who gained the fifth season from the reality TV singing competition display, published a 15-minute  Instagram video clip this weekend in which the girl discussed some of the unsavory hurtful and sexist aspects of in the music business. It’ h tough to listen to at factors, but it’ s some thing we all need to hear, only when to understand how the industry preys on people of colour.

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“ This particular isn’ t a video in order to bash anyone, ” the lady opened up with on her IGTV channel, clarifying she has been only trying to relay her very own personal experiences within the business over the years. To begin, she remembered one of her most conformative negative experiences in songs, which occurred when the girl was just 16 years of age (below):

“ The first encounter that comes to my brain was when I was sixteen. I went to the X-Factor twice, when I was sixteen and when I was 19. So when I was 16 years old, We made it down to the judges’ houses and this person believed to me, ‘ You haven’ t made it through, yet give me a call in two months and I’ ll indication you. ’ I remember phoning this particular person and stating to him, ‘ I’ m in a position where I’ m ready to start working, I’ m eager, I’ meters good to go’ as well as the response that I got has been, ‘ I already have a single Black artist. I don’ t need another. ’ I wasn’ t certain how to take that, to tell the truth. I still have to really get that in, even now, a long time later. It really, really drawn to hear those words. ”

Wow… We can’ t actually imagine what it must be want to hear those words…

And though Alexandra by no means publicly accuses anyone simply by name, it’ s crystal clear she has had a lot of encounters with racist behavior plus attitudes during her today 11 years in the business.

She went on to express later in the video:

“ I love singing and I appreciate what I do, but if this wasn’ t for the like that I have with songs, I definitely wouldn’ big t be in this industry. Some reasons are, I got informed when I first won the particular X-Factor at 19… ‘ Because you’ re Dark, you are gonna have to function 10 times harder than the usual white artist because of the colour of your skin. You can’ capital t have braids, you can’ t have an Afro… you need hair, for example , that interests white people. ’ I acquired told to bleach the skin, and that was some thing I refused to do. Mainly because it’ s just therefore absurd to me that someone could even remotely say to somebody, ‘ Bleach your skin, so you could look whiter. ’ Still, until this time, it breaks my cardiovascular that I was told that will. I’ m trying to restrain the tears, because it’ s really heartbreaking, the particular s**t that went on. I used to be only 19 years old, there’ s only so much you are able to understand when your life completely transformed overnight. That was quite difficult to digest. ”

No kidding!

The idea that somebody can tell a young woman to  bleach her epidermis — on this day and age, no less?! Absolutely despicable! Ugh!!!

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As we mentioned, the whole video (below) may be worth watching:


That is the extremely definition of institutional, systemic racism. (Not to mention a s**t load of outright gross straight-up racism, too. )

Will the background music industry  ever get any better? This cannot continue on like this, that’ s for sure.

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