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Tian Yuxi, the 24-year-old woman, went to Wuhan Union Hospital upon Jan. 16. She caught COVID-19 while in the medical center and died on February. 6.

Tian’ s mother, Yang Minutes, took to the streets upon May 11 to beg for her daughter’ s legal rights. Wearing a large “ injustice” sign on her back, Yg went to the municipal issues office to file a request. She carried her daughter’ s portrait and 2 cardboard signs that understand “ The government conceals inescapable fact regarding the epidemic” and “ Give me back my child. ” Four unidentified guys stopped her and pulled away.

Yg told Epoch Times that will she had three needs:
1 . Check out the legal responsibility and criminal offenses against humanity committed simply by officials at every level exactly who concealed the epidemic, concealed the truth, and publicly apologize to the families of all of the sufferers.
2 . Make up me for the economic plus spiritual loss in my household.
3. I actually reserve the right to attract the media networks to describe the need for the law to be unplaned.

“ Whenever we had known about this virus, we might not have gone to the hospital plus my child would not have remaining, ” Yang said.