As time goes on, people pass away, and 2014 saw a lot of notable deaths. Robin Williams, Harold Ramis, and Tom Magliozzi all passed away this year. Looking back, it seems like 2014 was full of more celebrity deaths than usual. Let’s take a moment to remember these people for all of the light, laughter, and entertainment they brought to our lives.

1.) Phil Everly – 1/3/2014.

Everly was one part of the country-rock duo, The Everly Brothers.

2.) Pete Seeger – 1/27/2014.

American folk legend Pete Seeger passed away at age 94.

3.) Philip Seymour Hoffman – 2/2/2014.

Hoffman passed away of a drug overdose at his New York City apartment.

4.) Shirley Temple – 2/10/2014.

The celebrated child actress died of natural causes at age 85.

5.) Sid Caesar – 2/12/2014.

Sketch comedian Caesar passed away at his California home at the age of 91.

6.) John Henson – 2/14/2014.

John was the son of Muppets creator Jim Henson.

7.) Bob Casale – 2/17/2014.

Casale was a member of the popular 80’s band Devo.

8.) Harold Ramis – 2/24/2014.

The Ghostbusters star passed away due to complications from contracting vasculitis in 2010.

9.) Glenn Edward McDuffie – 3/9/2014.

McDuffie claimed to be the sailor in Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photo, V-J Day in Times Square.

10.) James Rebhorn – 3/21/2014.

Rebhorn’s career spanned over 100 movies before he finally succumbed to the melanoma he had been battling since 1992.

11.) Mickey Rooney – 4/6/2014.

Rooney passed away peacefully at his home in California. He was 93.

12.) Bob Hoskins – 4/29/2014.

Hoskins may be best known for his performance in Who Framed Rodger Rabbit from 1988.

13.) Maya Angelou – 5/28/2014.

The celebrated writer and poet passed away from natural causes while working on an autobiography.

14.) Ann B. Davis – 6/1/2014.

Davis was famous for her role as Alice Nelson, the housekeeper on The Brady Bunch.

15.) Bobby Womack – 6/27/2014.

The famous musician passed away at age 70 after dealing with numerous illnesses.

16.) Tommy Ramone – 7/11/2014.

Tommy was the last original living member of the punk rock band The Ramones.

17.) Robin Williams – 8/11/2014.

Actor and comedian Robin Williams took his own life at his California home.

18.) Lauren Becall – 8/12/2014.

Becall passed away just a month before her 90th birthday. The famous actress allegedly suffered a stroke.

19.) Richard Attenborough – 8/24/2014.

Although he had an accomplished career, Attenborough is probably best known for his role in the original Jurassic Park movie.

20.) Joan Rivers – 9/4/2014.

Actress, comedian writer, and producer Joan Rivers passed away from complications following routine surgery.

21.) Jack Bruce – 10/25/2014.

Bruce was the original bass player for the rock band, Cream.

22.) Tom Magliozzi – 11/3/2014.

Magliozzi was known for hosting the NPR radio program Car Talk with his brother, Raymond.

23.) Mike Nichols – 11/19/2014.

Nichols was famous for his directorial work on the movie The Graduate.

I know not everyone is a fan of NPR, but it’s the death of Tom Magliozzi that hit me the hardest on this list. Car Talk is probably my favorite radio program ever. I also know the world is a darker place after losing Maya Angelou and her amazing prose.