33-year-old Katie Meade, who has down syndrome is ready to prove to everyoe that beauty belongs to everybody by becoming a model. Meade who loves fashion realizes that the fashion industry completely ignores people with down syndrome and other disability and the young woman is on her way to change that stereotype. 

Source: barcroft

The 33-year-old broke barriers when she became the first girl with down syndrome to be the face of beauty brand Beauty & Pinups ‘fearless’ hair mask range. The model from Des Moines Iowa always dreamt of becoming a fashion model one day but she never though that it could happen. 

“I haven’t seen anybody with Down Syndrome be a model and now it’s time to see more people with disabilities can have the chance to be beautiful and pretty. 

Source: barcroft

Aside from being a fashion model, Meade is a volunteer and speaker for charity ‘Best Buddies’ where she encourages people with dissabilities to find jobs and become more social. 

Since cecoming the face of Fearless, Meade has appeared in many other magazines and has been offered several photoshoots. 

Meade’s achievements mean a lot to her and her family knowing that she had gone through hell growing up. She was constantly bullied when she was young and she even underwent an open heart surgery as a baby. But despite many obstacles, she chooses to be positive and courageously faces her fears.

(Source: Barcroft)