About 4 years ago, Jenna Spesard along with her ex-boyfriend Guillaume Dutilh, decided to quit her job and swapped her regular life in California to live a minimalist life while traveling the world. The couple hauled their 125-square-foot home behind their car and traveled across US and Canada along with their pooch Salies. In a year, they traveled across 25 states and lived in their little mobile home that they call Tiny House Giant Journey.

After the end of their relationship, Jenna parked her tiny house in Oregan and has been traveling the world. Living in a small house makes her happy and she doesn’t need to worry about things that don’t matter. Jenna ends up saving a lot of money which she makes through her blog and Youtube channel and travels through at least 5 different countries each year.  

The house has everything she needs from hot water to a giant bed. She has a cute study/work area too that can be converted into a dining area for 4-6 people. Jenna is very happy living a minimalist lifestyle and her goal is to visit every country in the world before she dies. she has over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube where she shares tutorials on how anyone can build a tiny house and travel more. For full story, check out the video below. 

(Source: Youtube)