Jamie Lynn Asparagus spears , The January Brady of the Asparagus spears family, has a memoir coming out that was initially reported to be entitled Britney, Britney, Britney! I have to Confess , yet after receiving several blow-back (a million eye rolling in unison will create a mighty gale), is now titled Issues I Should Have Stated . Based on TMZ , Jamie Lynn’s big sibling Britney Spears isn’ t the only person who had to handle the controlling methods associated with her parents, Jamie and Lynne Asparagus spears. Available, Jamie Lynn creates that when she grew to become pregnant at sixteen by her partner at the time Casey Aldrige , her parents had been upset. And where’s the #Justice4JamieLynn motion when you need them? That is right, nowhere available . Poor January, I mean Jamie Lynn.

TMZ reviews that when Jamie Lynn told her parents the girl was pregnant within 2007, they plus her management do everything in their capacity to convince her that the baby would efficiently end her profession. At the time, Jaime Lynn had recently covered her Nickelodeon display Zoey 101 and failed a good audition to be in Twilight . Just imagine, in the event that Jamie Lynn hadn’t gotten pregnant, the girl might be the one competing for an Oscar meant for playing Princess Diana ! As TMZ reports, her moms and dads didn’t take as well kindly to the information and used strong-arm tactics to try to convince her to keep it the secret.

Jamie Lynn Spears says the girl went through hell whenever pregnant at sixteen, and her moms and dads and team had been a driving drive behind her agony … pushing use, abortion and likely to great lengths to cover her from the general public.

In a single passage, Spears states people from the girl inner circle, “ … came to the room trying to encourage me that expecting at this point in my lifestyle was a terrible concept … ‘ It is going to kill your career. You might be just too youthful. You don’t understand what you’re doing. You can find pills you can take. We are able to help you take care of this issue … I know a physician, ‘” adding, “ everyone around myself just wanted to get this ‘ issue’ vanish. ”

Jamie Lynn states flatly, “ … everyone was certain that end of contract would be the best opportunity. ”

Jamie ultimately gave birth with her now 12-year-old child Maddie , but the girl says, things obtained a lot worse on her until her mom and dad finally let the girl announce the news along with “ an unique agreement ” with OK! Journal, the Jan Brady of glossy enjoyment mags. Echoing what we should now know Britney went through in regards to the girl personal freedoms , Jamie Lynn states she also experienced her phone removed from her. Which usually sounds par for that course for a 16-year-old, but that’ t not what’ t important here. What’ s important may be the pain she nevertheless feels at lacking been able to tell Britney the news herself.

Asparagus spears says her cell phone was taken away to prevent her from conntacting people outside the girl immediate circle … the goal becoming to keep everything in the down-low.

Jamie Lynn statements she wasn’ big t even allowed to inform Britney she had been pregnant, saying, “ I needed the girl more than ever and she was not able to help me within my most vulnerable period … To this day, the particular hurt of being unable to tell my cousin myself still remains. ”

Also responsive Britney’ s predicament, Jamie Lynn states that she plus her dad struggled bitterly over the circumstance. And she kind-of, sort-of takes a little drill down at momma Lynne as well.

At a single point, Jamie Lynn says she plus her dad Jamie got into a battle over the unborn baby, “ slinging words plus tossing insults” whenever he pushed re-homing.

Asparagus spears says eventually the girl team made an unique agreement with OKAY! Magazine to break the particular pregnancy story, and provide them the first pictures of Jamie Lynn’ s baby.

Jamie Lynn says she plus her mom visited some cabin within where she believed was Connecticut to cover until the article was released. The two spent Thanksgiving holiday there together, exactly where “ Momma used her disappointment such as her favorite coat. ”

That’ ersus officially the best thing I’ ve ever heard emerge from Jamie Lynn’ h mouth. Pure beautifully constructed wording. Dolly Parton simply gave up songwriting. Easily knew Jamie Lynn could write this particular well, I’ g have started the particular #Justice4JamieLynn movement me personally years ago. Who’ h with me now?

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