Who are the richest criminals ever ? If you said Ing Capone, Pablo Escobar, Este Chapo, or Bernie Madoff (as in, he made-off with everyone’ s money), then you’ re certainly on the right track. If you’ lso are discussing brazen and showy criminals, then you can add Jho Low to the quartet mentioned previously. The Malaysian businessman plus financier stole a fortune, invested it wildly, and obtained actor Leonardo DiCaprio plus supermodel Miranda Kerr associated with his affairs. But who might be Jho Low? This is what we all know.

Who is Jho Low?

Jho Lower speaks at The New York Periods Health For Tomorrow Meeting in 2014.

Jho Lower speaks at The New York Periods Health For Tomorrow Meeting in 2014.

Jho Low in 2014 when he or she was CEO of Jynwel Captial Limited instead of a monetary criminal. | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

In case you’ re asking who also Jho Low is, you’ re bound to get various answers depending on who a person ask.

Their bio around the Jho Low website says he managed to graduate from the Wharton School in the University of Pennsylvania within 2005 after attending the particular Harrow School in London. The web site describes him as “ a global investor and philanthropist who has invested in numerous businesses, financings, restructurings, and other expense projects. ”

In the eyes of the Malaysian government, he’ s the fugitive with close connections to corrupt former perfect minister Najib Razak.   He was once TOP DOG of  Jynwel Captial Restricted, but that was before he or she was considered a felony. Low siphoned billions of bucks from Malaysia’ s state-run 1MDB fund and put $529 million into a bank account this individual controlled in Singapore, based on the International Company Times . Through different purchases, shell companies, plus bank accounts, Jho Low place Malaysian state money below his control. He’ h a criminal in his country, but he’ s on the run as a meandering as of Dec 2018.

What exactly is his tie to Leonardo DiCaprio?

Jho Lower (right) with Swizz Is better than and Alicia Keys in the 2014 Grammy Awards. inch width=

Jho Low (right) with Swizz Beats and Alicia Secrets at the 2014 Grammy Honours.

Jho Low enjoys hanging out with celebrities, including Swizz Beats and Alicia Tips. | Christopher Polk/Getty Pictures

Remember the way you mentioned Jho Low is really a brazen and flamboyant legal? Well, he loved making use of his wealth to encircle himself with celebrities plus lavish them with gifts.

Jho Low partied with Paris Hilton within St . Tropez in 2010. This individual flew hip-hop artists Ludacris and Busta Rhymes in order to Malaysia in 2013 to execute at a concert for Najib Razak. He gifted Miranda Kerr a $1. twenty nine million diamond ring and a superior piano.

Regarding his ties to Leonardo The future actor ? Jho Low bought Marlon Brando’ s lacking 1954 Oscar for On the Waterfront   from a memorabilia seller for $600, 000 plus gave it to The future actor, according to The newest York Times . The particular actor handed the sculpture as well as a Picasso painting Reduced gave him to specialists.

Red Granitic Pictures, a movie production business with ties to Jho, financed films such as The Wolf associated with Wall Street , which usually stars DiCaprio. There’ s i9000 no word on whether Reddish colored Granite Pictures is financing the forthcoming DiCaprio-Martin Scorsese tasks .

Exactly what did he do together with his money?

The $250 million luxury yacht Jho Low bought with his taken money.

The $250 mil luxury yacht Jho Lower bought with his stolen cash.

The $250 mil yacht Jho Low purchased with stolen Malaysian cash. | Sonny Tumbelaka/AFP/Getty Pictures

Black-market Oscars, acrylic pianos, and boulder-like gemstones are just a few of the products Jho Low purchased together with his pilfered money.

There was a $24 mil apartment in Manhattan plus $17. 5 million Beverly Hills mansion, both which he flipped to Najib Razak’ s stepson. He or she also purchased a Main Park penthouse once possessed by Jay Z plus Beyonce for $30. five million. There’ s a lot more to his shopping list, based on the  New Straits Times :

  • Artworks by Picasso, Van Gogh, and Monet;
  • A $27 million necklace for Razak’ s wife;
  • A $35 million personal jet;
  • As well as a $250 million yacht.

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