If there’s one thing we know by now, it’s how much ghosts love to unexpectedly jump into photos. It doesn’t matter who’s taking the photo or where it’s taken; ghosts and other creepy apparitions somehow always find a way to appear.

Perhaps it’s slightly more freaky when they manage to somehow find their way into pictures taken by motion-activated trail cameras in the woods. If I found any of these images on my trail camera, I’d move to the nearest city immediately.

1. A ghost child?

2. What the…?!

3. The deer is being watched by something sinister.

4. A lost child being raised by deer?

5. I really hope this is a person and not a ghost.

6. Demon chase.

7. Some sort of a ghost party?

8. It’s coming for your soul.

9. Could this be evidence of Bigfoot?

10. Walking slowly into the darkness.

11. This photo and the one below were taken within seconds of each other.

12. What is that thing?

13. I hope a flying squirrel is the only thing this deer is running from.

14. The grim reaper is watching you.

Well, that’s one way to catch ghosts stalking your property. Personally, I’d rather not know if these spirits are out there watching me. When it comes to ghosts and general spookiness, I feel like ignorance is bliss.