“Paco is definitely a thrill-seeker,” Reinford said. “He constantly wants adventure. When I first got him, we would go out on the cliffs. He would watch me and my friends BASE jumping and rock climbing and he hated being left by himself. I could tell he was not content with just watching, so we were like, ‘How can we make this happen?’ I rigged up a little doggy harness and tried to work up to it by having him watch us so it wouldn’t be a freaky situation.” 

“We have done three BASE jumps now, the highest from 400 feet,” he said.

So far, Paco seems like a natural and loves the thrill. He also looks and feels very comfortable about jumping as he is always belted with his owner and feels safe. 

“I wouldn’t do anything that puts Paco in any sort of danger and I try to minimize the risk. I have someone with me when I’m BASE jumping with Paco who can assist me pulling my parachute, which decreases the impact on your body. I would never want him to get hurt.”

Watch the buddies perform their first jump together in the video below. 

Source: Inside Edition