This is unbelievable!

The  Mrs Sri Lanka competition this season had more crisis than any television show we’ve observed in years, with the champion crowned champion simply to have the crown actually ripped from the girl head minutes later on!

Video clip of the painful event is making the rounds online right this moment after the shocking Weekend night event. Significantly, you have GOT to see this particular to believe it!

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Everything started when  Pushpika De Silva had been announced the champion of the competition, as well as the crowd applauded because inspiring music blared and confetti overtook the stage. The particular outgoing Mrs Ceylon (veraltet) — and famous Mrs World —  Carolin Jurie walked over and positioned the crown upon De Silva’s mind.

Simple moments later, although, as De Silva was waving towards the crowd and had hardly begun to bask in the glow associated with her victory, Jurie took the mic back and made the shocking announcement!

She ended the celebration plus declared:

“I possess a small request when it comes to Mrs World. There exists a rule that you most have to be married instead of divorced. So I am taking my initial steps and saying the crown would go to the first runner upward. ”


Suddenly, with this statement out in public areas, Jurie ripped the particular crown off Sobre Silva’s head plus went over to put it on the first runner-up, who by then is at tears. Humiliated (as you’d expect), Sobre Silva quickly strolled off stage, looking to get away from the craziness.

Significantly, watch the whole thing decrease in this incredible four-minute video showing the whole incident (below):

Crazy, right! Also it gets EVEN CRAZIER!

Following the pageant, organizers afterwards confirmed that Sobre Silva was not actually divorced, like Jurie got claimed! Because of that will, the winner hadn’t actually broken any kind of rules, and thus, the lady has been the particular rightful Mrs Ceylon (veraltet) as she’d already been crowned in the first place, and  not the runner-up!

Dual twist!

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Chandimal Jayasinghe , the particular national director from the Mrs Sri Lanka Planet competition, confirmed to the  BBC on Wednesday that the crown have been returned to Sobre Silva, and she has been once again confirmed since the rightful winner.

As for Jurie, the reigning champion who staged the particular bizarre and intense coup attempt, Jayasinghe did not hold back within criticizing her on her on-stage actions, stating (below):

“We are usually disappointed. It was the disgrace how Caroline Jurie behaved at the stage and the Mrs World organization has begun an investigation in the matter. ”


Within a press conference  regarding the ordeal, De Silva confirmed that she actually is a single mom —  BBC reports the girl as being separated, but  not divorced — and she wrote (below):

“There are a large amount of single mums with this problem today who are struggling in Sri Lanka. This particular crown is focused on those women, those people single mums that are suffering to raise their children alone. ”


The girl also revealed within a  Fb article after the fact that the lady went to the hospital along with “a head injury” due to the crown snatching, and is considering getting legal action. Just by the video (above), it is hard to know what the top injury may be or even why it needed a trip to the medical center. Maybe she captured some hair plus yanked it out there? If so, DAMN!

What do Oughout make of this outrageous situation, Perezcious visitors?! That poor contest winner! The poor runner-up! And the reigning champion who staged the entire divorce announcement drama… BIG YIKES!

Sound AWAY with your take on this particular craziness down within the comments (below)!

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