When the good people at Hope For Paws received information about a mama cat and her babies stuck in a drainpipe, they rushed to get them out of there. But when they saw how deep inside the cat family was hiding, they realized that they needed a little more help and a plan to get the feline clan to safety. So the rescue team returned the next day with manpower and specialized equipment to pull the cats out of the pipe. 

The mama cat was very protective of her babies but she realized that they were all in good hands. She calmed down after they put her in a cage and continued to pull the babies out. They found 4 newborn kittens and thankfully, all 4 were safe and had no injuries. 

If you are interested in adopting the cats, click here. For more information, please check out Hope For Paws’ Facebook page.  


(Source: Hope For Paws)