Some people out there are actually risking it ALL for social media marketing!

On Sunday, police in Surrey, Britain reported that a woman got fallen out of the passenger chair of a moving vehicle in to a “live lane” on the LONDON ORIBTAL, a highway south associated with London. The woman was evidently filming a Snapchat movie while “hanging out the vehicle, ” which led to the particular incident.

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Alongside a picture of the vehicle, the Surrey Road Policing Unit messaged:

“The front seat passenger had been hanging out the car whilst recording a SnapChat video across the #M25. She then dropped out the car and right into a live lane.
It is only by good fortune she wasn’t seriously hurt or killed.

A spokesperson for your department told the BBC News :

“The woman was treated simply by paramedics at the scene plus her injuries were not life-threatening or life-changing. ”

No more details were provided (such WHAT Snap could have been essential that it was worth endangering himself and others on the road), yet rest assured the internet had views on the matter. Particularly, commenters took issue with the fact that the girl was not arrested for her actions. One Tweets user responded:

“No arrests have been made. Luxury ? the chief of police child or some civil servant’s sister. Why wasnt the lady sent to court and designed to do community service or even arrested on the scene. After that others will think the ok to do it. ”

The Surrey RPU responded:

“Nope just simply no necessity to arrest. All of us can’t just arrest individuals for fun. We have to have a requirement which we did not possess for this. We knew which she was, where the lady lived, there will have been lots of evidence and no person or even property was likely to be any kind of time further risk. ”
“Just because nobody was arrested does not mean actions can not be taken. But we suspect not many people are sitting there thinking this sort of factor is a good idea and those involved definitely learnt a thing or two that night time. ”

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The account invested a fair bit of time directing followers to “Code Gary the gadget guy of The Police And Lawbreaker Evidence Act (PACE)” within explanation for the lack of busts — in fact , probably additional time than they spent reprimanding the lawless Snapchatter! Inquired if they had shown the girl the “error of their methods, ” the RPU mentioned:

“Every chance they worked this out before we talked to them about it! ”


Per CNN , research from the Journal of Family members Medicine and Primary Treatment reported around 259 individuals worldwide died while having selfies between 2011 plus 2017. So please, individuals, save the Snapchatting just for when you’re on secure, solid ground and away from danger’s way. It’s for your own personel good!

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Sep 21, 2020 fourteen: 01pm PDT

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