Will be excessive thirst a symptom associated with cabin fever? Because several quarantiners are looking EXTRA attractive for the ‘gram lately!

Case in point: Tyler Perry didn’t exactly make call him by his name as a sex symbol, however, many well-timed thirst traps nevertheless managed to send social media right into a tizzy. The media genius has clearly been going to the gym lately, and apparently this individual wants us all to know this. His most recent Instagram blogposts have shown off his slimmed-down physique! Take a look!

But Wednesday’s pic seemed to show off, properly, a bit more, shall we state.

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Specifically, some followers using their minds in the gutter believed they spotted a certain addendum through Tyler’s thin-fabric pants. We’ll let you decide for her — see the evidence (below):

Or even as one commenter subtly place it:

“It’s the gray shorts for me personally

Against all odds, the person also known as Madea had enthusiasts ready to risk it all. The were littered with words such as “zaddy” and “snack. ” Examples included:

“Got damn!… Do everyone know Tyler Perry was out here resembling a yummy meal, with no one reminded me?!… Sup Zaddy.!

“Tyler out here looking like the snack”

“C’mon @tylerperry!!!! Lookin like someone ZADDY

“@tylerperry over there resembling a four course dinner my goodness lol”

“He is so great to me

Over on Tweets, there was a bit more skepticism. A few voiced their confusion, tweeting:

“i just read my TL for the first time today. i…. are unable to believe people are, like, unironically thirsting over Tyler Perry??? ”

“Me watching my whole schedule lusting over Tyler Perry. Y’all need Jesus. ”

“Do yall actually think Tyler perry is hot?
I thought yall were joking”

“I can not believe y’all really upon here lying before Our god & his people saying Tyler Perry is fine”

Other people blamed the hysteria for the coronavirus crisis and following quarantine. For example:

“You know we’ve been in the house too long when you find MADEA @tylerperry attractive. Lord it is been a long 7 months…. ”

“Ya’ll lusting over Tyler Perry lets me know that this particular pandemic is going too far. Make sure you let this be more than so ya’ll can wake up tf up. MADEA?! Madeaaaaaa?! ”

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With an incredibly divisive election around the corner, we all didn’t realize it would be the Tyler Perry thirst capture as the final straw within tearing this country aside!

What do Oughout think, Perezcious readers? Can be Tyler the Sexiest Guy Alive (Quarantine Edition)? Or even has the Internet officially dropped it? Let us know your thoughts within the comments (below)!

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