It’s hard to believe that even in this day and age, some people judge other people based on their appearances. And not only do they think but they actually put in efforts to publically shame them. But we are also in that stage now, where girls are strong and won’t sit and hear people ridicule them for their bodies or other choices. One such girl from South Africa clapped back when she saw a shocking meme about herself on Twitter. The plus-size model named Lesego Legobane was checking out her Twitter feed when she saw a post by a man wherein her photo was uploaded next to another model Joëlle Kayembe. And moron captioned the photo: “Girls that I like VS Girls that like me.” How dare he! 

The stupid meme was totally inappropriate and it obviously made Legobane upset and angry but she responded in most clever and smart way to his idiotic statement. 

“I don’t like you,” the model replied. Ouch! That must have hurt so bad but he so deserved it. 

Soon, hundreds of people commented on the photo expressing support for Legobane.  

Even the model on the left stepped in and had something to say to the heartless jerk. 

Source: Bored Panda