Once we creep ever closer in the direction of election day, we’ve already been expecting President Donald Trump ’s antics to become more and more absurd (and alarming). Unfortunately, he is definitely been proving all of us right.

Along with an ill-advised return to the particular campaign trail while getting treated with an experimental medication cocktail for his situation of coronavirus, he has recently been lashing out at nationwide figures like Dr . Anthony Fauci , NY Governor Andrew Cuomo , and lastly opponent May well Biden , as well as people of the press. He’s actually shouting for his foes to be locked up — more than usual — contacting reporters criminals.

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On Tuesday, the leader sat down with “criminal” Leslie Stahl for an job interview with sixty Minutes upon CBS . According to CNN , Trump “abruptly ended” the conversation after regarding 45 minutes and “told the particular network he believed that they had enough material to use. ” He then refused to appear to get a scheduled “walk and talk” interview with Vice Chief executive Mike Pence .

Significantly?! It’s an one-on-one job interview! It’s like a debate exactly where he’s the only candidate, and can’t even make it throughout?!

Exactly what upset him so much??

One source for your New York Situations suggested the fact that interview ran longer compared to president’s aides had ready him for. Leaving as they was bored and antsy is a childish but honestly unsurprising reason at this point. We have heard from many resources over the years how he is not able to read intelligence briefs associated with any length and has to become referred to by name from time to time so as not to lose interest in a presentation.

Some other sources said he had “grown annoyed with Ms. Stahl’s outlines of questioning, ” which usually certainly lines up with their oft-repeated line about getting treated “unfairly” by the mass media, i. e. facing any kind of form of criticism or responsibility.

In an actually less surprising turn associated with events, Trump added gas to the fire of the debate on Tweets following the forgotten interview. He first messaged a brief clip of Stahl speaking with two masked CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS producers. He wrote:

“Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes not really wearing a mask in the White-colored House after her job interview with me. Much more to come. ”

Wow, so NOW we worry about wearing masks???

We won’t even enter how ridiculous it is meant for Trump to criticize Stahl for not wearing a mask right after mocking coronavirus safety rules for the entire duration of the outbreak. But for the record, the particular NYT confirmed that the media reporter (who was hospitalized along with COVID-19 earlier in the pandemic) wore her mask on entering the White Home up until the filmed job interview itself. The entire CBS team was also tested before the take.

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The particular president followed up their hypocritical accusation with a group of posts that seemingly assistance the theory he walked as they didn’t like the questions he or she was asked. He messaged:

“I am pleased to inform you that will, for the sake of accuracy in confirming, I am considering posting our interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, JUST BEFORE AIRTIME! This will be done so in which can get a glimpse associated with what a FAKE and BIASED interview is all about…
…Everyone should evaluate this terrible Electoral Invasion with the recent interviews associated with Sleepy Joe Biden! ”

Therefore , having to answer for your activities as a leader in your own words and phrases is an “electoral intrusion”? A good intrusion on what? Your capability to lie your way into a 2nd term?

Take note the wording that he is “considering posting” it by the way. As usual, he postures such as he has some smoking weapon evidence, never presents this, then acts as if he is been exonerated. Every single time.

We’d also like to indicate that hostility to the push is a hallmark of fascist leadership. And if Trump does not have the patience to view an interview that isn’t completely friendly to him (or licking his boots — cough, Sibel News , cough), that is not exactly a quality we are looking for in a president… along with his other many horrible qualities.

Trump’s appearance on 60 Moments, which will include interviews along with Pence, Biden, and Kamala Harris — is set in order to air on Sunday. We will be VERY interested to find out what all the fuss involved then (unless Trump produces it first of course! ).

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