Allyson Eischens was absolutely ready for her wedding but there was just one thing missing – her dad to walk her down the aisle. 

Eischens’ father passed away, after which his best friend, Chris Roose became kind of a father figure for her. Roose has always been very close to the family, even after the passing of his best friend but due to his wife’s accident, originally he wasn’t able to make it to the wedding. But thanks to Eischens’ partner, who did everything in his power to ensure that his would-be-wife had someone to walk her down the aisle.

Just days before the wedding, Eischens was surprised by Roose and she broke down in tears. 

“The kids closed my eyes… all of a sudden, I heard Chris say, ‘I heard somebody needs to be given away,” Eischens told “I hadn’t even seen him yet but I knew it was his voice.”

“Our families were always hanging out together and after my dad passed away, I guess he kind of filled that spot as that person you can go to for anything and was always there,” Eischens said.

Everything worked out great for Eischens and the family. She could not have asked for more. 

“I thought I was going to be a total wreck walking down the aisle, but we made it,” Eischens said. “He grabbed my hand and squeezed my hand and said, ‘We got this.'”

(Source: Inside Edition)