Having a whopping 99 million TikTok followers and counting, a lot of would agree that 16-year-old  Charli D’Amelio has squarely solidified her place among the platform’s most popular figures ever.

But with a Kardashian-level amount of fame at this type of young age, the dancer plus content creator has discovered herself on the receiving finish of some tough critique from those who’ve already been watching her ascent in order to social media stardom since the extremely start. Sadly, this seems like one more case of bullying that’s got Charli feeling really down within the dumps.

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On the latest episode associated with her and 19-year-old sibling Dixie D’Amelio ‘s podcast, Charli and Dixie: Two Chix , Charli hit back at people who say she “used to appear prettier” amid some current changes she made to the girl appearance during quarantine. Spot the bright pink hue the girl added to her brunette hair up top? Well, that is just one of ’em! Her old sister kicked off the conversation by stating:

“I saw this particular video of you through the first week of pen, and you look so various. Not in a bad method, you look good now. You needed eyelashes and you were actually tan. ”

The TikTok full quickly responded in annoyance:

“What I’m going to say is the fact everyone says, ‘I utilized to look prettier. ’ Such as what do you want me to undertake? ”

After Dixie tried to assure her little sis that many critics tend to say that “everyone has glowed down, ” Charli pointed out that some of the harmful remarks highlight how much better she looked wayyy just before safer-at-home measures were unplaned. Basically, they want out using the new and in with the previous! The starlet complained:

“What would you like me to do? Like We can’t…but they say in the beginning, starting. ”

But Dixie brought up a fascinating point and countered:

“I really feel you don’t like the way you did then. ”

Charli D' Amelio has switched up the girl hair color twice throughout quarantine.
Just before adding the pink, Charli cut her hair brief, experimented with bold blue emphasize, and also got a nasal area job a few months back on the summer. Quite a few changes, certainly! / (c) Charli D’Amelio/Instagram

The teenager sensation admitted she feels in different ways about her personal shine up now that it’s gained so much negative attention:

“I detest how I look now, due to the fact now I wanna look the way i did then. But then, after i looked like that, I did not like it, so what do you want me personally to do? Just be sad? ”

Hmm. That really stinks to hear the girl get down on herself like this!

Dixie after that pointed out that the criticism towards her sister came right after Charli cut her curly hair back in February:

“I don’t understand how a four-inch haircut transformed you so much. ”

Finding the true lesson in all of this, the particular youngest D’Amelio proudly responded:

“Because it gave me confidence, plus they liked when I was delicate. It’s true. They are afraid by a confident woman. ”

However the world NEEDS more confident females like you, gurl! And you understand what we say to people who are not down with that?

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November 17, 2020 13: 34pm PDT

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