With everyone trapped inside during the coronavirus pen, nothing captured the creativity of masses like  Tiger Ruler .  

The Netflix docuseries comes after the exploits of Later on Exotic , referred to as a “ mulleted, gun-toting polygamist and country traditional western singer” who owned plus operated the Greater Wynnewood Spectacular Animal Park in Ok. Much of the show facilities on Joe’ s competition with Carole Baskin , who runs the best Cat Rescue in Sarasota.  

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The particular show reached a staggering sixty four million households in its initial month on the streaming support, and broke Netflix’ ersus record for holding the main spot for the longest period of time. The popularity was due mostly to the colorful cast associated with characters featured in the collection.   In the event that you’ re one of the many who have binged Tiger Ruler , you might be wondering: where is the solid now? Well, ch-ch-check this out (below):

Joe Spectacular

Joe Exotic (c) Netflix

Joseph Maldonado-Passage, AKA Joe Exotic, finished the series behind pubs after being implicated inside a murder-for-hire plot against their rival, Carole Baskin. He’ s currently serving the 22 year prison phrase for that, and for 22 matters of animal abuse.  

Although Joe’ s conduct on the show seemed crazy sufficient on its own, details that surfaced later make the series appear to be just the tip of the iceberg. Accusations of racism, mistreating employees, and even bestiality have flown about since the end from the series. (And don’ to forget the fact that he didn’ big t even sing his own music . )

Still, several reports say that Joe offers really been enjoying their newfound Tiger California king fame, even through prison. Though he had been quarantined in a prison healthcare facility due to coronavirus issues shortly after the show’ h release, he still squeezed up to some classic Later on Exotic antics beforehand. Final we heard from Later on, he was filing the legal action against the federal government and once again lobbying for their own release . And his desire just may come true, since Chief executive Trump said he’ d “ seem into” pardoning Joe to get his crimes.  

Carole Baskin

(c) Netflix

Despite Joe’ s outrageous antics, Carole may have actually been probably the most controversial figure on the collection. After the show was released, problem on everyone’ s thoughts was: Did Carole Baskin kill her husband Don Lewis and feed your pet to her tigers? Police within Florida even used the display to source new leads for the investigation associated with his disappearance.  

Carole, who continues to run the best Cat Rescue in Fl, was NOT happy with her characterization on the show. She did not take part in the reunion episode, plus spoke out against the docuseries as a whole, saying she just participated because she has been told it would be an animal rudeness documentary the la Blackfish. She even recorded a series of video clips defending himself from various claims. The lady also said immediately following the particular show’ s release, the girl was afraid to leave the girl house due to death threats.

In early June 2020, Carole was  granted ownership and control of Exotic’ s  G. W. Tierpark   as part of the trademark judgment. The sixteen, 439-acre property in Garvin County, Oklahoma had been underneath the care of  Shaun Lowe , Joe’ t former business partner converted enemy.

The particular victory was short-lived within our eyes, however , as that will same week  Hillsborough Region Sheriff  Chad Chronister  revealed Don Lewis’ will was FAKED !   While the exact amount of their estate was unclear, it really is believed to have been worth as much as $10 million, which was completely left to Baskin plus excluded his family. Carole has not been implicated in the continuous situation, but we are maintaining our eyes peeled!

Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe (c) Netflix

Though  Shaun Lowe professed problems with their portrayal on the series (“ tried to sensationalize a tale a little to give it the villain, ” he stated on the reunion episode ), he has certainly been benefiting from his new notoriety. This individual and wife Lauren rebranded their social media to “ tigerkingpark” and have been carrying out Cameos and selling merch based on the series’ popularity. This individual even apparently sold away some of Joe’ s personal shirts! He’ s already been dripping the tea left and right about all the things Netflix DIDN’ T include on the program.

A brand new Tiger Ruler Park   within Thackerville, Oklahoma, ran simply by Lowe, is set to open this particular fall — and there’ s even a new actuality show in the works! Whilst everything seems to be on the upward and up, Jeff did obtain hit with at least $50K owed in delinquent fees! Hopefully he can pay that will off soon. The episode seems to follow this guy!

Rick Kirkham

Rick Kirkham (c) Netflix

As we noticed on the series, Rick Kirkham’ s time with May well Exotic left him within rough shape. He appeared pretty devastated by dropping all his footage pertaining to his reality show, yet said he’ s in fact “ grateful” for so what happened. Detailing in an interview   that he felt incredibly accountable after spending time at the tierpark and witnessing some horrible things, he said:

“ It wasn’ t losing the task that knocked me lower, it was the fact that I had allow myself go that far… So karma came back about for both Joe and am. ”

The former Inside Edition media reporter got psychiatric help right after leaving the zoo, plus said he restarted treatment after the docuseries was released. He or she moved to Norway, got married, and today works as a reporter for RealReels.

Bhagavan “ Doc” Antle

Doc Antle (c) Netflix

Doctor Antle had been one of the most intriguing figures from the series. Joe’ s coach was presented as a cult leader, seducer of women, and an animal abuser. Antle spoke out about the collection after its release, stating in a statement the display is “ sensationalized entertainment with compensated participants. ” He furthermore refuted claims which he has “ multiple wives” (although he does state he’ s “ certainly lovely girls that will I’ ve met inside my life who share period and opportunity with me” ).  

Antle is constantly on the reside in Myrtle Beach in which he runs and owns The Institute intended for Greatly Endangered Rare Types (T. We. G. E. R. S). He’ s been below investigation for his remedying of animals multiple times, including following the conclusion of Gambling King ’ s filming. Absolutely nothing has ever been proven, regardless of allegations Joe has made regarding his former friend through prison.

John Finlay

John Finlay (c) Netflix

Joe’ s ex-husband John Finlay is one of several interviewees who expressed frustration with his portrayal on the show, informing Entertainment Tonight the series made your pet “ look like a drugged-out hillbilly”. Although he has since described   he plus Joe were never lawfully married, the couple has been together for over 10 years. Their particular relationship ended when started a relationship with an additional (female) park employee, along with whom he shares children.

Today, John is 6 years clean of methamphetamines and engaged to be wedded to a new woman. He or she works as a welder and informed PEOPLE which he hopes to “ work together with youth” to fight dependancy. He also has a gorgeous group of new teeth following a process in June 2019.

‘ Saff’ Saffery

Saff Saffery (c) Netflix

Despite the shocking moment exactly where Saff lost an provide to a tiger, he found as maybe the most grounded and easygoing of all the those who appeared in the docuseries. Therefore it might have come as a shock when some outrage had been stirred online on his part, over the fact that he had been misgendered throughout the series. Regarding his part, he wasn’ t too bothered because of it; he told Out there Magazine:

“ If people are requesting me what I prefer, it’ s very obvious the things i prefer, and that’ t he. But I’ meters not going to tell anyone the actual need to or should contact me. I think that everyone’ s entitled to their own viewpoint, and I’ m certainly as easygoing in that section as I can get. ”

According to Esquire , Saff still left the zoo because he no more felt it was true to the particular mission he was attracted towards in the first place. He at this point works a “ time clock in, clock out” work in California.  

Ruben Reinke

John Reinke (c) Netflix

Certainly one of Reinke’ s claims to popularity in Tiger California king was having dropped both legs in an incident — that was surprisingly totally unrelated to keeping tigers. The likable (zoo manager) was forced to leave their own animals behind because he couldn’ t pay to get all of them back from Jeff Lowe. However , he told Joel McHale during the reunion that will he’ s now the particular “ happiest” he’ t ever been. He moved to Tx, left his wife associated with 30 years, and has a new partner. Plus, he still will get a little taste of risk at his new work, working with race cars at Bodine Transmission Shop.

Erik Cowie

erik cowie (c) Netflix

After testifying against Joe during their trial, likable zoo worker Erik Cowie stayed upon at the Greater Wynnewood Amazing Animal Park. He has been head zookeeper (Or “ Major Asshole, I don’ t know, ” this individual told Joel on the re-union special) under Jeff plus Lauren Lowe’ s possession of the zoo. He portrayed regret for some of their work with Joe and has voiced out about the animal mistreatment that Joe perpetuated, which includes “ more than hundred tigers ”. Given that Carole Baskin officially has Wynnewood now, there’ h been no word on Cowie’ s current employment!

Joshua Dial

Joshua dial (c) Netflix

Joe’ s former campaign supervisor had perhaps the most distressing experience of anyone who worked for your zookeeper — and that’ s saying a LOT. Right after witnessing the shooting dying of Joe’ s spouse Travis Maldonado in the zoo’ s office, he informed Oxygen. com he has “ a hard time seated in offices”. He’ t moved on from the events from the zoo, saying:  

“ I have attempted to move on, and I have been productive so far. I was given a brand new life and a second chance after i met my fiancé electronic; I have no desire to provide any of that pain straight into my life. ”

This individual told Joel McHale throughout the reunion he wants to “ jump back into campaigning” as soon as he feels “ steady and ready to go. ”

Dillon Passage

Dillon Passage (c) Netflix

It might have come as a surprise whenever Joe moved on so rapidly after the passing of their husband Travis Maldonado . Then again, maybe this wasn’ t surprising in any way. Regardless, Joe and Dillon are still married, and Dillon resides in Florida in which he moved with his husband. Dillon has been making the media models and providing fans updates from May well via the incarcerated zookeeper’ s i9000 instagram. He also, weirdly, seems to be friends with Harry Jowsey , superstar of Netflix’ s various other quarantine hit, As well Hot To Handle .  

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