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Tiffany Haddish has something to state! And she’s gonna state it! Earlier this week, Tiffany, who recently shaved her mind , posted a diatribe to her Instagram stories nibbling out her fuck youngster exes. And, PLOT DISTORT, one of those exes may or may not be Common! Back in the summer Tiffany formally confirmed they were in love , but now it looks like they’ve unfollowed each other on Instagram.  

Here’s exactly what Tiffany wrote on her Instagram stories:

“THIS IS FOR THE MAJORITY OF MY EXES. BITS AND PIECES ARE USUALLY FOR DIFFERENT ONES. I am so tired of my ex F**k Guys and yes YOU still the f**kboy even if we is at a relationship cause you’ll still was trying to f**k in order to was over, Boy. Prevent reaching out to me trying to become my friend, I don’t want to be your own friend. Plus you got an entire women and Babies on these people way and we been finished years. ”

“But you want a windfall pounds, and want me to generate that wind go? Huh hahahaha if I thought that would certainly remove you from playing I would. Just act like I actually never said I love a person. Cause who I was caring wasn’t the real you. Once the real showed up I was unhappy and disgusted, so make sure you go away forever. PEACE PLUS HAPPINESS BE UPON YOUR FAMILY”

Ooooo. I’ve never noticed the words “PEACE AND HAPPINESS” wielded so bitchily. Congratulations, Tiff.

Therefore , he’s probably not the man starting a family and planning to borrow money, but frequently occurs an official Haddish Has-Been™?     As recently because exactly late September he or she was talking about their connection on The Kelly Clarkson Show . But when it comes to celebrity married couples, the Instagram unfollow states EVERYTHING.

Tiffany’s other exes include Chingy (who initially denied their tryst before incredibly regaining his memory) plus ex-husband Bill Stewart ( who sued Tiffany more than claims of abuse, which usually he says were false).   Common’s celebexes™ include Serena Williams, Erykah Badu, plus Taraji L. Henson . And in August, another former paramour, singer Jaguar Wright, accused your pet of sexual assault on an Instagram Reside. Jaguar also said (via CheatSheet ):

“I do not even know why he or she running around parading around right here with all these public relations interactions that never seem to final. When’s the last time he or she actually had a real b*tch? You was with Serena that didn’t work out. A person was with whoever plus whoever. You always obtained whose hot dating a person but the sh*t don’t long lasting. He ain’t been correct since Lauryn Hill still left him anyway”

Common has never left a comment on Jaguar’s accusations.

Well, if it is more than between these two baldies, Typical better watch out. Tiffany Haddish is not one to bite the girl tongue. First come the particular Instagram stories, then arrive the tell-all memoirs/interviews/Netflix special offers, etc… etc…

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