Everything about puppies is adorable. That’s just a fact. Their little noses, little toes, and little yips and barks will forever make our hearts melt.

But perhaps their cutest feature of all: their hilarious, portly potbellies. The rounder, the better.

1. Dreaming of all the kibble he just ate.

2. “I can’t help but notice you aren’t rubbing my belly.”

3. What a photogenic belly.

4. This roly-poly pup isn’t so helpful while traveling.

5. He may be asleep, but that doesn’t mean you should stop rubbing his tummy.

6. “Nope, I have no idea what happened to all the puppy food.”

7. Totally blissed out on belly rubs.

8. He’s had a ruff day at the office.

9. Undeniable cuteness overload.

10. Just look at those rolls!

11. Who can sleep when they’re this adorable?

12. His tummy is too big to roll over all the way.