And no, three words aren’t: I love Nicki .

Cardi B plus Megan Thee Stallion’s music tribute to panty pudding is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the second 7 days in a row , and also to keep the WAP momentum going, the girl did an interview with Australia’s Kyle & Jackie O radio show and informed them the three words which will never leap off of the girl tongue in a song since it gives her the icks. And well, we can say for certain that on top of those what, the words, “ compliment Melania Trump” , will not be said or tapped out by Cardi, because following a troll randomly compared Cardi B and Melania Trump during last night’s His party National Convention, Cardi’s WAP clapped back twice. Plus yes, I got a little WAP juice in my eye in that “ clap-back.

Since WAP is this generation’s Our Neck, My Back and Brief Dick Man , and Cardi spits away the word pussy more than a cat gynecologist, she was inquired if there are words which are off-limits for her. Cardi states that “ release ” and “ moist ” give her the heaves, and those two words trigger many ear holes in order to heave, so I understand. However the third word caused me personally to spit out the WAT because it’s an attractive word for a beautiful issue (no, the word isn’t “ dick “) and it’s a term that has been in Cardi’s mouth area before. via Us Weekly :

“‘Discharge’ is kind of major, but it’s not, like, the cringey word. A cringey word to me is ‘moist. ’ I hate the term ‘moist. ’ And I detest the word ‘horchata, ’” the particular Grammy winner, 27, mentioned on Australia’s The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Monday, August twenty-four. “It’s like a Mexican consume that is made out of, like, brownish sugar or something. Dont really even know what the terrible they put in it, but it is really good, but I just dislike that word. ”

That is unpleasant on several levels. To begin with, horchata originally came from the particular Spanish city of Valencia and it is made from tiger nuts (don’t tell Padraig harrington that or even he’ll start screaming, “Girl, get ready, I am about to horchata that cunt up! ” , ” before busting a Gambling nut. Second of all, Mexican horchata’s main ingredient is grain. Third of all, horchata is really a word that Cardi offers rapped before. In Please Me , her 2019 song along with Bruno Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) , Cardi lets out there the lyric: “ Your pussy basura/My cunt horchata. ” Therefore in 2019, horchata had been good enough for Cardi’s cunt, but in 2020, it’s the word she hates?! A person didn’t hear about horchata giving a cease and desist on Cardi B with regard to using it to describe her cooze? How rude, but horchata isn’t the only word that will Cardi hates but offers used in a song.

The radio-friendly edition of WAP is WAG (wet and gushy), that is much worse, and Cardi agrees:

“I would’ve needed to replace it with ‘Now from the top, make it fall / Bounce that large ol’ booty’ because which was the only thing that rhymed, ” the girl said. “It was really difficult for me to clean this music up ‘cause nobody could’ve convinced me to keep ‘gushy’ ‘cause I hate the term ‘gushy. ’”

And as to just how WAP and Melania Trump became one on Tweets last night, it’s all because of wannabe California congresswoman DeAnna Lorraine . If you need to send mail in order to Deanna, go ahead and send this to Cardi B’s butt, because DeAnna has been upward it for a bit. When WAP first came out, DeAnna had been appalled by it and while within the First Amendment part of the Metabolism with her hand, stated that the song should be prohibited. DeAnna was up Cardi B’s ass again yesterday evening after First Stepford Spouse Melania Trump’s speech on the RNC.

Because Bette Midler lost it upon Melania on Twitter , DeAnna Lorraine tweeted the fact that country needs more Melania Trumps and less Cardi Bs. Cardi B replied with this:


Of course , everyone upon Twitter made the same laugh, saying that since Melania would prefer to put her hand upon gold-plated jewelry than Donal Trump , she probably hasn’t had the W within WAP in a while. Yet Melania’s probably got that will RAP (runaway ass pussy) because it packed up the things, snuck out of the Whitened House, and got away from town the last time Trump winked at her all of the sexy-like.

Pic: Instagram