Heck truly hath no rage like a Swiftie scorned.

Jake Gyllenhaal may be recognized to the world as a renowned professional with a colorful career, yet to a certain subset from the population, he will always be the topic of one of The young taylor ’s best — and most scathing — separation songs.

Regardless of how long it’s been (a decade, five other sweethearts, and the full rise and drop of Kaylor ), Swifties will always associate the particular acclaimed actor with the confessional lyrics from All Too Well .

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Take, for instance, this particular Instagram post from the Donnie Darko star on Mon. He posted a very sugary throwback pic to whenever he was a child putting on big glasses, writing:

“I’ve used my glasses ever since We parted my hair thoroughly with gel (see above), which is why NEW EYES happens to be near and dear to a heart. Since 1932, @neweyes_ has provided eyeglasses to people that needed them most. I am thrilled that they’ve combined with @theinspireprojectus to create Task Human: Changing the Way We all See the World, a loudspeaker series coming to schools plus remote learners this drop.
Project Individual is designed to spark conversations concentrating on unity and equality. It is an opportunity for students in order to interact with public figures is to do what they do best: Keep ‘em on their toes! For a complete line-up of speakers or bring Project Human to some school near you, visit: http://theinspireproject.us/project-human/”

Seems innocent, correct? Altruistic, even!

Except the accompanying picture showed a young Jake in the glasses, which was basically the Baseball bat Signal for Taylor stans with internet access ’round the world. The comments section was shortly flooded with references towards the All Too Nicely lyric:

“Photo concept album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red/You was once a little kid with eyeglasses in a twin sized bed”

Yeah… they noticed:

jake gyllenhaal ig ts comments Just a (small! ) sample of the Swiftie flood upon Jake’s IG page. and (c) Jake Gyllenhaal/Instagram


Celebrity Rachel Zegler had no compassion for the Oscar nominee, commenting:

“I’ll become honest mate you set your self up for this one. ”

Poor Mike. Despite the fact that TayTay has been happily completed down along with Joe Alwyn for more compared to three years now, he’ll regularly be the one who broke the girl like a promise… at least within the eyes of the Swifties.

And he had to pull his sister into it as well: Maggie Gyllenhaal hasn’t had the opportunity to escape that scarf apparently left in a drawer from her house. Back in Feb 2019, the actress distributed photos of her house with System Digest , and Swifties demanded answers.

maggie gyllenhaal ig ts comments Maggie getting the same therapy as her bro. or (c) Maggie Gyllenhaal/Instagram

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The Dark Knight star has been dogged by questions of the headscarf for years now, including a good episode of Watch What Happens Live where host Andy Cohen inquired after the whereabouts. She replied:

“You understand, I never understood precisely why everybody asked me in regards to the scarf… I am in the dark in regards to the scarf. It’s totally feasible. I don’t know. But I have already been asked this before plus I’m like, ‘What have you been talking about? ‘”


[embedded content]

Seems as if 2020 is a good time to place those Very Well sources to bed. After all, based on her most recent release Folklore , Taylor swift is now in the habit associated with sending her exes’ children presents. So that’s some thing for Jake to look ahead to, at least!

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