A 21-year-old guy named Chase Goehring from Nolensville, TN,  blew everyone away with his unique performance on America’s Got Talent auditions. When the young artist stepped on stage with his guitar, judges knew what to expect from the singer. And just like they thought, Chase played the guitar and sang along his own composition ‘Hurt’. The cheering and loud applauds clearly indicated that the catchy song had managed to impress the audience during the first few minutes but the judges were unfazed by the performance. That was until he started rapping, changing his style of singing halfway through the song. 

The sudden move of tune surprised the audience as well as the judges. Everyone including Simon Cowell was visibly amazed by Chase’s unpredictable performance. But that was not it, after a few seconds of rapping, Chase switched back to the original style invoking a loud cheer from the audience once again. At the end of his stunning performance, everyone including all the judges rose from their chairs to give the young man a well-deserved standing ovation. “Chase that was bloody fantastic,” Simon said with a huge smile on his face. “You did something, I genuinely wasn’t expecting in the middle.”   

(Source: Youtube / Anthony Ying)