2020 has been a hard year for many of us, yet especially those predisposed in order to mental health struggle. Plus sadly, we’ve just discovered Taraji G. Henson is not any stranger to that darkness.

On Wednesday, the particular What Males Want superstar shared her story associated with battling suicidal thoughts recently — and most shockingly the fact she gets an actual gun sitting within her safe that the girl contemplated using.

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In a small episode of Peace of Mind with Taraji upon Facebook View , the 50-year-old talked with Doctor   LaShonda Green about some of the a lot more insidious thoughts that have been race through her mind throughout the lockdown.

Whilst we listened, our minds broke for Taraji, specifically because what she’s experiencing right now is very relatable with regard to so many people. With suicides increasing during the time of COVID, it’s extremely important for celebrities like this in order to speak out so we may all benefit from the conversation.

In the segment, Taraji started by talking about the girl dark moment and integrated the information about her recently purchased gun. She stated:

“So during this pandemic, it’s already been hard on all of us and am had a moment. I had the dark moment. I was in the dark place. For a couple of times, I couldn’t get out of bed, I actually didn’t care. That’s not really me. Then, I began having thoughts about finishing it. It happened 2 nights in a row and am purchased a gun not too long ago, it is in a safe, and I began like, ‘I could use there right now and finish it all, because I want this to be over. ‘”

Oh no… And nothing could provide her out of the darkness:

“I considered my son, he’s produced, he’ll get over it. We didn’t care. I experienced myself withdrawing. People were contacting me, I wasn’t reacting, I didn’t care. ”

Amazing. Just… awful. We’re confused for words for exactly how truly sad this every sounds, and we are so happy Taraji did not obtained through with it. The most important facet of this story is that the  Empire star realized these were mental poison she shouldn’t listen to, and he or she ended up deciding to confide in a friend about the committing suicide ideation she was encountering. She shared her way of thinking about this decision and accepted:

“I felt like, if I don’t state it, it becomes a plan. Exactly what scared me is I did so it two nights inside a row. First, it was such as, ‘I don’t wanna exist. ’ Then I started considering going to get the gun and so when I woke up the following morning, I blurted this out. ”

Dr . Green, on her amazing part, had this kind of wonderful things to add. The girl talked to Taraji regarding mental breakdowns, and how it is very unique to every individual. What might break one individual down might not break another person. She also added another piece to the conversation — and that was about pressure that will African American women face. The girl told Taraji:

“That pressure by itself has created a lot of unrealistic targets that are both self-imposed plus imposed by others. Yet we also buy into this, because that’s the one thing we now have. ”

LaShanda also talked about being conscious of our negative thoughts. We can identify they do happen, and we will occasionally think bad things, yet we have the power to realize all of us shouldn’t listen. The doctor anxious:

“You don’t have to believe every believed you have. ”

That is such an effective line. One we could almost all benefit from hearing.

Fortunately, Taraji had (and has) her friends because support. She also obtained some amazing advice in the doctor who advised the girl to take some much-needed period off for herself and also to stop working during holidays. Although it didn’t come up, all of us kept thinking about the Empire spinoff show the star agreed upon on for, all the girl work that she will for her production company, TPH Entertainment , and her recent split along with fiancé Kelvin Hayden . Those three things solely are enough to add a few major emotionally-taxing elements of tension to a person’s psyche. Everything that and a pandemic, too.

Here’s a link towards the episode below if you want to listen to the entire conversation:

Fortunately, it sounds like elements have worked out for the best regarding Henson, and we wish the girl all the best with her psychological health. She did the correct thing by stepping ahead, and hopefully this communications reaches anyone else who has already been feeling those dark ideas.

Because this can not ever be said sufficient:

In case you or someone you know is encountering suicidal thoughts, help is out there. You are able to contact The particular National Suicide Prevention Personal assistant (1-800-273-8255). They offer support 24 hours a day, they’re totally free, and 100% confidential.

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