It is over for Taraji P. Henson and fiancé Kelvin Hayden .

During a honest chat on Power 105. 1 ‘s The particular Breakfast Club radio show on Mon, the 50-year-old actress verified that she and Hayden, 37, have parted methods two years after the pair obtained engaged in May 2018. Hmm, yet another cute celebrity few bites the dust…

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The topic came as the Exactly what Men Want star discussed how stress affects intimate relationships using the radio show hosts. Talking about split, she admitted:

“I haven’t said it yet however it didn’t work out. You know what After all? I tried, I stated, ‘let’s do the therapy thing’ but if you’re both not really on the same page with that, then you definitely feel like you’re taking this on yourself and that is not a fair position for those who to play in a relationship. ”

The lady makes a great point; treatment can work wonders for married couples who are on the same page regarding tackling their differences collectively, though it sounds like this might possibly not have been the case for the previous pair who were unable to create things last.

Still, through her own carried on personal counseling, Henson could come to terms with why she as well as the former NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE star were not clicking anymore and provided some sage advice right after experiencing a tough personal heartbreak:

“My happiness is not his obligation and his is not mine. We need to first learn how to make ourself happy, to make each other delighted. So when one person is accepting the weight of the entire romantic relationship, it’s never going to function. You have to show up, yes you wish to be understanding but you can’t reduce yourself in that understanding. You need to still stand up for yourself and become there for yourself but it is hard to do if the other individual isn’t doing that possibly. ”

Preach, gurl! Despite the unlucky breakup, it doesn’t seem like Taraji is writing away from romance for good. She additional:

“I’m dedicated to the Black guy, y’all, I just turned fifty. ”

We love to hear this and hope the next lucky guy to be seen on her arm may appreciate all of the hard work she’s done to grow and develop, and embark on that caring journey together! She should get her happy ending just as much as the next person!

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As a reminder, the Empire star was supposed to marry earlier this year on April four, but she told Access Hollywood in March that will she was forced the girl to put the big day upon hold due to concerns more than rainy weather. She stated at the time:

“It’s iffy in T. A. about the rain. I actually can’t imagine my 96-year-old grandmother standing under a good umbrella, so we had to change it out. ”

The Hollywood mainstay after that confirmed she and Kelvin would “absolutely” be braiding the knot in the summer, which usually obviously never ended up taking place. The former professional football participant was also nowhere to be seen on her big 50th birthday celebration festivities last month, to ensure that might’ve also been an idea that things had gone southern before she openly verified it.

Pay attention to her explain how elements fell apart just before the particular 4-minute mark in the video (below):

Sending so much like to Taraji during this new section as a single lady!

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