Hundreds of parents are left feeling angry and disgusted after watching a horrible footage of two school staff dragging a 7-year-old through the halls. 

The incident occurred after Corbin with autism was acting up. According to Corbin’s mother Bonnie McKean, the staff was aware of Corbin’s condition. She was informed about Corbin’s behavior that afternoon but the mom was utterly shocked after watching the surveillance tape which captured Corbin’s teacher and a school staff grabbing the kid’s leg and dragging his through the halls while he cried.

“It was wrong the way my son was treated,” McKean said. “The other staff, and you can see them on the video, didn’t even think twice about it.” 

The clip went viral with over 100k views after the enraged mother shared it on Facebook.
Both staff members were suspended temporarily after the footage came to light. The incident was reviewed but no criminal charges were warranted against the two school employees. As of now, the case has been forwarded to the Ohio Board of Education’s Board of Professional Conduct.
Let’s hope they are punished for treating the poor child that way. Watch the shocking video below. 


(Source: Dailymail)