BUSTY Allegra Cole was raised in a strict Mormon family, got married, had kids and taught music for a living. But she wasn’t really happy with her simple life. In her 30’s she started modeling for local magazines and got hooked. After having kids, Allegra felt conscious about her breasts and decided to go under the knife. Allegra enhanced her breast by 800ccs and went from 34C to 34DD. 

“After you breastfeed children your breasts are not as cute as they once were,” she said. “Being someone who cared about the aesthetic, I wanted them to be fuller and rounder and even have a little bit more.”

After her first boob job, she started sharing photos online and got paid for them. A decade later, she went under the knife again to get bigger breasts. 

“After my first enhancement, I didn’t feel like it was enough for me, because bigger is better in my mind. I’ve actually got ‘boob greed’ – I see something that I love, that is clearly bigger than I am, and I think, ‘Oh, I am greedy for that.’ You know I just want it.”

The New 48.

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The 48-year-old model is often approached by women who compliment her breasts and the way she carries them. 

“I want to be the 21st century poster woman for carrying big breasts and making them be classy and still not just be pigeonholed as maybe in the porn industry or as a stripper,” she said.

Allegra has spent over $75,000 on multiple surgeries so far. Check out the video for full story.  

(Source: Barcroft TV)