Is Ramona Singer literally full of s**t?!

Her Actual Housewives of New York Town co-stars poked some fun at the girl sex life in a Cameo movie, ordered by Bravo enthusiast Heather Foley   and distributed to Instagram on Wed, and things got unattractive real quick!!

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Elyse Slaine , who appeared as a “ friend” during season twelve,   said in the video clip:

“ Ramona ‘ I’ ve got 50 close friends! ’ well guess what hoe? Now she’ s right down to 49 ’ cause We are out! You want a little green tea on Ramona? Wait ’ til you hear why the lady says that she can’ t meet a man. Pay attention to what she says. … I have a friend who wants to provide a little tea on exactly why Ramona can’ t fulfill a man. ”

Leah McSweeney popped in to the frame and added:

“ She s**ts during sex! ”

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Elyse let out fun as Leah exited the particular screen, and replied:

“ No, no, no … Alright, well, OK. ”

View the full vid (below):

It wasn’ big t long before fan accounts obtained a hold of the video, exactly where it soon caught Miz Singer’ s attention. The lady commented on @BravoHistorian’ s i9000 IG post on Thurs:

“ There is absolutely no truth for this. These girls are coldly lying to create fake information in order to try and gain their very own fame. It is very sad, premature and quite frankly mean woman behavior. The both have children and Nicole Slaine @nikislaine is a family friend. Exactly what example are they sending all of them … that bullying is usually acceptable. ”

McSweeney quickly replied, and clearly wasn’ big t too happy their children were brought into the blend:

“ OK geriatric Regina George AKA  miss most lives matter  don’ big t worry about the example We set for my child. She has an open mind plus heart. Treats all along with respect. Sees every competition, religion, sexuality as identical. Elyse was ur real friend (no idea why). You don’ t ought to have Elyse. OH HELL SIMPLY NO BITCH! ”


Ramona and Leah haven’ t exactly already been bestiez since the 37-year-old became a member of the Bravo series, and he or she elaborated on her feelings on the Ageless Simply by Ramona originator last month, explaining to Us Weekly :

“ Ramona is like the  evil stepmother that you don’ t have. I mean, that’ s how I’ meters feeling now. Look, I’ m forgiving. I am capable to keep things moving. I could forgive, I can move on all of that. But there are instances exactly where I’ m watching this particular and I’ m such as, you know, there’ s plenty of me owning up to s**t and apologizing for s**t, but not so much on the other side and a few things. And I think on the re-union, that’ s all going to have to be addressed. … Prepare yourself everybody . ‘ Cause I’ m therefore ready for it. And I are unable to wait. ”

Can you say THEATRE?!