After tornadoes hit the state of Texas on Saturday, hundreds of people were injured and several died. One of the families that was affected by the massive tornadoes was Phillip Ocheltree’s but they were lucky to have a group of heroes who risked their own lives to saved them. The 25-year-old father was driving home in his truck with his infant son Marshal and toddler Addy when tornadoes hit the state and ‘hydroplaned his car off the highway’.

Source: Daily MailPhilip’s car flipped into a ditch jamming all the car doors leaving him in a helpless situation. 

Source: Daily Mail

Fortunately, a few good Samaritans rushed to rescue the Phillip and his kids. While 5-6 men were trying to get the family out of the car, an onlooker named Tom Mitchell filmed the heroic scene through his camera phone.

Source: Daily Mail

After a lot of struggle the brave men were able to get the infant out but immediately noticed that he wasn’t breathing. At this point, Mitchel put his phone away and performed CPR on the baby Marshal. The group successfully rescued Addy who was also found unresponsive and was rushed to the emergency room. Finally the men rescued Phillip who wasn’t severely injured.

The strangers’ heroic act is being praised by people all around the world and the family is grateful that they were there to help and put their own lives on the line to save the babies.

(Source: Daily Mail/Video: Inside Edition)