Tattoo’s an art in which people like to get it when they believe in something. Some of the people went to far to regret it after getting a tattoo on their body.

People made it as they would have thought, “it gonna look kinda cool”. No its horrible and make them look like a fool.

People like to portray their creativity and imagination by an art. Tattoo’s have a deep meaning for a maker and it should depict a certain meaning for the observer.

People like to get tattoo’s more often because one is not enough to show case their art in which they believe. They like to get inked in a beautiful piece of memory which they have and want to keep it still in their heart.

They like to be inked in meaning and creative thought through which they can convey a message or define themselves without even mentioning it a loud.

An Artist is really creative and like to portray his imagination and unique ideas as well. Here are some pictures where people went too far to be inked and then regret it.

Here are the pictures: 

























Source: Bright Side