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After 28 years collectively, French electronic music duo Daft Punk is no a lot more. Repose Sobre Paix. The particular Daft Punk helmet men (human names: Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo ) announced their split within an ~avant-garde~8-minute film entitled Epilogue . Their own publicist, Kathryn Frazier, formally confirmed the split to Range . She gave simply no further details. Très mystérieux!

Here’s their own break-up video. And, indeed, you can watch this shit on 2x the speed. That’s the things i did:

But if doubling the speed had been still too long for you, here is a summary: the Daft Punks are walking together within the desert. The one in the magical helmet starts to hang at the rear of, and Gold Helmet Man goes on ahead. Once this individual notices his silver buddy is no longer beside him, this individual walks back to his pal. They stare at each some other. For a while. It’s *art*. Then your Silver Lagger takes their jacket off, turns close to, and presents his to Goldie, revealing two control keys and a lever. Goldie breaks (again, for a very long time), and eventually pulls the handle. He walks away. There are a beeping and a countdown. Then Silver explodes. The particular duo’s 2013 song “Touch” plays. The screen slashes to black. This picture pops up:

Diminish to black. Then 2 whole minutes of sun footage. I’m sure our Experimental Film professor through college would have loved this particular video as much as he resented me (I have a problem where I must constantly move my eyes and loudly snort at pretentious bullshit).

I was surprised that will Daft Punk had been close to as far back as 1993. Apparently, Guy-Manuel and Thomas met within the mid-80s in Paris because teenagers. They started the rock band called Darlin’, plus their first song obtained a bad review. The critic described it as “a daft punky thrash”, plus Daft Punk was born. Their own 1996 debut album, Homework , catapulted these to international stardom. A couple of years afterwards they made up a story regarding being injured in an exploding market and began wearing these robot helmets in public.

The duo’s most well-known songs include “Da Funk”, “Around the particular World”, “Digital Love”, “Harder Better, Faster, Stronger” , “Something Regarding Us” , “One More Time” , “Get Lucky” and “Lose Yourself To Dance” (which had been 2013 collabs with Pharrell ), and a bunch more. Within 2016 they collaborated along with The Weeknd on the music “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming” (voted simply by me as the sexiest track to ever exist). There have been rumors that the duo may perform with The Weeknd on the Extremely Bowl , but that will didn’t happen.

Variety says that in line with the duo’s “contrarian and convention-mocking history”, this announcement can actually mean the beginning of a brand new project. But if this was just a good old-fashioned music group break-up, I don’t think any one of this was necessary. No one could have known if one of the guys quit and they got a new person to wear the robot head protection. Match his height, bodyweight, build, and Bob’s your own uncle! Hell, as far as we all know, the current Daft Punkers are not even the original Daft Punkers. Maybe they’re like class room hamsters… they keep perishing and being replaced simply by doppelgängers.

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