Daniel Day Lewis knows a thing or two about technique acting, but even he or she wouldn’ t do something such as this!

Shia LaBeouf ‘ s i9000 tattoos have certainly already been on people’ s thoughts for quite a while now ever since brand new topless shots of your pet emerged more than a year back, showing off quite a bit of newly additional ink including the word “ creeper. ” At the time, enthusiasts suspected the new art might’ ve been for a big part, and, well, they were correct!

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The particular trailer for  The particular Tax Collector just dropped on Wed evening, and in it you can observe the former  Also Stevens acting professional go to a seriously darn location for the violent, jaw-dropping business lead role. Along with the gangster film aesthetic, too, LaBeouf showcases his new (REAL! ) chest and stomach tattoo designs he got for the film, which is just… wow. WHOA!!!

Ch-ch-check out there the trailer itself (below), but be warned regarding all the usual caveats — violence, foul language, and so forth, etc .:


Fans immediately noticed LaBeouf’ s new look in the truck, including those tattoos, and yes it was the topic of  Twitter with regard to much of Friday afternoon since people reacted to the amazing method acting chops.

One Twitter consumer said (below):

“ Nobody can talk s**t bout Shia labeouf no more, the man obtained his full chest tatted and a tooth pulled out for any role….. ion remember anybody after Heath ledger tugging off smthg like dis. ”


Another just simply wanted everybody to see the incredible discrepancy among Shia’ s earlier tasks (like his work in  Holes , left here) with his current 1:

What a transformation over time! Their role in  Openings was well-known and formative for an era of kids in its personal way, but it definitely isn’ t like  this particular … right?!

Another Twitter consumer added more, saying (below):

“ From here on out, Shia Lebouf is invited to all the particular Carne Asadas…. Simon la cual sí! Don’ t your investment Modelos…. ”

Ha! Love it!!

What do y’ every think of Shia’ s amazing transformation for this new movie, Perezcious readers?? Seriously, it’ s one thing to get a skin icon after the fact because you wound up liking the fake 1 you were given in the first place (a la  Johnny Depp with the sparrow in  Pirates from the Caribbean , or something) but to do it for actual, with that much ink, only for a role?? Wow…

That’ s really some thing!!!

BTW,   The Tax Enthusiast is set for any full release in movies building and on-demand on Aug 7th! Will U end up being watching???