Star and Copper, both Pit Bulls, are best friends who met at the SPCA of Brevard. Star was rescued from a public shelter in 2015, while Copper came to SPCA as a puppy in 2014. Star, in general, is a very shy dog who doesn’t mingle easily with other dogs. Copper, on the other hand, is a very friendly dog and impressing Star was quite easy for him.

“Copper gets along with pretty much any dog, but Star is more picky about her canine friends,” Susan Naylor of SPCA told The Dodo. “Star is very loyal though, and loves her people deeply. They’re not bonded necessarily, but they are best friends.”

Soon Star and Copper became best friends and luckily, a family decided to adopt the two together. The staff couldn’t be happier. Then, a few months later, SPCA found out that Copper was abandoned and was spotted at a local park. SPCA staff rushed to get Copper from the park. He was underweight and looked terrible.

They were glad to have found Copper but were concerned for Star. They knew something was wrong, and if Copper was abandoned by the family, then Star must be somewhere out there too. Then after a few days of investigation, they found Star’s location. “We got credible information as to where Star was last seen and we posted it on Facebook,” Naylor said. “Over 200,000 people saw the post and started telling us about sightings in Winter Springs.”

The team found Star and united him with his pal at the shelter. The pups were delighted to meet each other and could not stop licking and sniff each other. For now Star and Copper will stay at SPCA until they can decompress and get over the whole situation. They’ll be up for adoption again but the shelter doesn’t want to rush the process. 

(Source: The Dodo)