If you didn’ t think Serena Williams was badass enough currently, this will probably change your mind!

The 38-year-old can be opening up about her quiet battle with “ debilitating, throbbing” migraine attacks, which this wounderful woman has struggled with since the girl twenties, and pushed via while playing tennis.

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Speaking with Individuals this week, the particular Olympian shared how the girl struggled with explaining to the girl father Rich Williams , her trainer until 2012, why the particular sunlight during daily procedures was nearly unbearable:

“ Migraine isn’ t the knee injury — it’ s something you can’ t physically see. A person can’ t really state, ‘ Oh, Dad, Excellent migraine. I’ m likely to stop playing. ’ Individuals are like, ‘ I don’ t see swelling. We don’ t see bruising. Tough it out. ’ I got used to playing with the pain. ”

There have been “ therefore many” matches where she gets had to power through these types of intense attacks, like 1 in Sydney, Australia within 2001 where she dropped to Martina Hingis :

“ A person can’ t go into the press conference with the press asking, ‘ Well, so what happened? ’ and say ‘ Well I had a headache attack. ’ I had to find out a way to work through it. ”

In most cases, she’ s been able to take care of these attacks over the last couple of years because they have largely already been infrequent, but when she entered quarantine with husband Alexis Ohanian and daughter Olympia earlier this year, things changed:

“ It’ s all extremely stressful. I was dealing with lots of stress and unknown elements and things that I wasn’ t used to, and so I believe that was contributing to my headache attacks and making them a lot more frequent. ”

Over the past few months, she gets had to juggle training plus motherhood, which has been nothing in short supply of “ intense, ” Serena added:

“ It would be so intensive with the baby all day long, and after that, at night, I would have this lengthy migraine. ”

Williams has considering that been prescribed Ubrelvy , and lately signed on as a spokeswoman for the drug, to help reduce symptoms and pain of a migraine attack. That’ h not the only change lately, however! She’ s getting yourself ready for the upcoming U. S. Open in the Big Apple, which is played without fans because of COVID-19:

“ I’ ve usually played with such a big audience. Without fans, how will I actually do? I don’ t actually know. But I view it as another experience. A outrageous experience. ”

Wow. A lot credit to this super female!! Her high-stakes matches already are intense as it is, we can’ t imagine doing it having a migraine, too.