Women sculptures are probably very rare in this world and therefore it’s really hard to believe them that they are man made.

Some sculptors  had created beautiful sculptures which is noteworthy so beautiful that they are hard to believe that they are made by human beings.

Artists and poets portray’s women’s in very Divine pure form which result in reality. It portray’s both women and nature besides their art which almost shows the reality of the world.

Sculptures of women portray strength and power which is relevant to showcasing women’s empowerment in this world.

Here are the pictures: 

#1. Adam Martinakis’ sculptures reveal a Metaphorical virtual message to the people.


#2. Jean-Micheal Bihorel is an artist who showed his creativity furthermore imaginable by creating an art with flowers.


#3. Philip Jackson an artist based in Scotland. First of all, the sculptures tells a story and secondly, it convey a message.


#4. An artist Karen Cusolito. He is known for making giant sculptures. His sculptures portray’s today’s world reality which is likewise surreal.


#5. Richard Stainthorp an artist who had been making sculptures with wire for more than twenty years. He created women’s sculptures which shows empowerment instead of just an art in this world.


#6. Benjamin Matthew Victor an American artist sculptor. He portray erotic sculptures in a very bold way which result in sculptures (women) are alive.


#7. Vittorio Tessaro an Italian based artists. He recreate women’s image art which moreover shows a poets imagination which is relevant to reality.


#8. A sculpture by Robin Wight create sculptor by wire which is extraordinary because it feels like alive.


#9. Kevin Francis Gray a British sculptor. His sculptors represent the hideous reality of the world. He called his art “Ghost Girl” which shows that face is covered with a veil instead of hands.


#10. Gosia an artist based in Toronto. The artist sculptures consequently reveal’s femininity in this world.


#11. A sculpture by Philip Jackson.


#12. A sculpture by Robin Wight.


Source: Bright Side