For years, perhaps centuries, schools opt to punish students for their wrongdoings by giving them detention or suspension. Because, most schools think that the only way to teach kids a lesson is by making them stand facing the wall. But not Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland. 

After noticing the ineffectiveness of detention and suspension, the staff came with a brilliant program called Mindful Meditation. Rather than getting a punishment, kids are now sent to the Mindful Moment Room, wherein they are encouraged to reflect on their actions by meditating. 

The room is decorated with lights, purple pillows and peaceful art to give kids a moment of relaxation and a chance to calm their minds. Since meditation has numerous health benefits, the school was hoping to see some improvement in kids, and they sure did. Philips of Robert W. Coleman Elementary revealed since starting the Mindful Meditation program, there has been zero suspensions in school.  

The program is not only helpful at the school but in their overall development. Many parents shared that kids are in a calmer state of mind when at home and many kids take the time to teach their parents how to meditate and breathe. 

This is absolutely brilliant. More schools should introduce such programs. What do you think? Let us know!