If you are a lady, you’ve probably worn a romper or perhaps thought of wearing them at some point in your life. And if you are a man you’ve never understood what rompers are all about. All you know is that they are worn by women and kids. But apparently, there are men who are feeling a little jealous of women who wear rompers and they want them too.

A KickStarter company established by a group of friends introduced the male rompers last month and named it ‘RompHim’. A RompHim looks just like a regular romper but it’s designed for men with colorful designs and patterns. Many men were even spotted wearing floral RompHims at events like Coachella festival.

RompHims are created for men who like to wear something comfortable during summer season. And as the company claims, they are ‘Great for #pooltime, #festivalseason and everything in between’.

The Kickstarter campaign aimed to raise $10,000 , but to everyone’s surprise, they have exceeded their goal and have raised nearly $70,000 within a month. Looks like there are many more men interested in wearing RompHim than we thought.

Since RompHim has gone viral, people have been tweeting funny things about the male rompers. Here are some of the most hilarious tweets yet.





(Source: buzzfeed)