A woman said she woke up to a loud crash on her property early this morning. She said It was around 8:45am.

Nancy Welke went outside and found a device that appeared to be from outer space. The device was still making some odd noises. If you looked close you could still read “Samsung Space Selfie” on it.


Samsung Space Selfie satellite crashes in Michigan. Picture via
This is a story that is really something from another world. A person would not expect to wake up to something like this!
Gratiot County officials say they are investigating the matter. Not much else is known at this point.
This device is a pseudo satellite. These devices orbit in the stratosphere. This is below where outer space is considered to start. Outer space begins 62 miles above the earth’s surface. This satellite was positioned to orbit below that line.
Samsung launched the satellite this past summer. The device was launched for the users of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The satellite was designed to allow users of the S10 to take selfies from space. The satellite was launched this past summer.
The question is what went wrong? More information is needed to really form an opinion on this matter. I don’t think this satellite will be taking pictures any longer.