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And now for a story regarding two hot people who might or might not be fucking: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. These two sparked romance gossips way back within pre-pandemic January when they had been seen “getting close” within NYC. This was right after Rihanna cast off her Saudi billionaire boyfriend of nearly 3 years, Hassan Jameel .

Almost seven (Riri album-less ) months later, as well as the maybe-couple/old friends remotely evaluated each other for Vogue. Plus, according to Internet headlines, stuff got “flirty” . Translation: they each giggled and smiled a good deal while discussing Rihanna’s newest business venture, Fenty Skin.

Here are the videos:

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Highlights include Rihanna admitting she prefers within the raincoat to using an Umberella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh , phoning her mother her #1 beauty icon, and detailing that her skin type is certainly “as difficult as men are. ” She says:

‘Yeah, you wasn’t ready for that will, because you always try to state women are complicated. It is y’all. ”

And then went into a lot more a detailed explanation of the girl skin “journey”:

“I have been through many skincare changes inside my journey, started through acne, for sure. All the way in order to sensitivity and Melasma as being a black woman would not understand that I need to use SPF. I have learned a lot. ”

Rihanna requested A$AP what his type of skin was, and he replied “handsome”, which, yeah, that’s just a little flirty. And not wrong.

A$AP recently patterned with RiRi for Fenty Skin, and he asked the girl what the hardest part regarding working with him was. He or she immediately answered his own issue with, “I could tell you what which is, not laughing the whole time” (awwww, marry, you two! ), just before Rihanna actually answered:

“The hardest part of dealing with you for Fenty Epidermis was getting your approval in your images, because your skin can be quite, regardless. That’s why all of us hired you, you know what I am saying? They’re like, “I can’t choose which one of my skin pores are smaller in which picture? ” Anordna! I’m just playing. It isn’t really hard working with you. ”

Here is the shot they wound up using:

Properly, if they’re not a few, how bout RiRi complements A$AP Rocky as a semen donor? She already accepted the girl wants a bunch of kids, and I’m simply no math whiz, but I am pretty sure: (hot + talented) + (hot + talented) = hot/hot/talented/talented babies , oui? Algebraic, man!

Pic: YouTube