Shoppers were totally surprised by an unexpected spectacle of a dog pushing a shopping cart to help his owner with grocery shopping. Cash, a 6-year-old German Shepherd is a rescue dog who was very close to being euthanized at a kill shelter.  

His owner Isaac Hughes, 55, has trained the dog very well and one of the things that he’s gotten really good at is to push the cart while walking on his hind legs. 

“My dog will push the cart all the way into the aisle and he can turn corners,” the proud owner said. “He can do it for more than a full minute.”

Hughes who trains at a service dog company says that his Cash is capable of doing a lot more complex tricks.  

“Sometimes when people walk with a cane or a walker, they can get things into the cart but pushing the cart a long way is hard,” he explained. “I can teach a bigger dog, if they give them the command, to take over.”

When asked about his secret to training a dog he said, ‘The key to training a dog is you show the dog mercy. Your hand of affection is heavier than your hand of correction.”

A dozen people saw Cash casually pushing his cart around the California supermarket and a bunch of people filmed the sweet moment. 

(Source: Inside Edition)