Kate Beckinsale has no period for online haters!

The  Serendipity star  offers unfortunately been victim to trolling on social media marketing in the past and has always been amusing enough to come up with her share associated with clever responses . Yet just at the moment, when she’s fresh out of a relationship with young artist Goody Elegance , is DEFINITELY not you a chance to mess with Kate!

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A week ago, the 47-year-old posted the HIGHlarious Halloween video with her Instagram ready to sleep along with her cat Clive who had been dressed like Chucky, the particular antagonist from Child’s Play . Nevertheless , one commenter decided it was an opportunity to body shame, which usually Kate didn’t take prone!

Watch the particular clip for yourself (below):

The consumer wrote on Friday:

“You’re dreadfully thin. ”

Are we viewing the same video?? How can you inform if someone is “dreadfully thin” under that really comfy looking blanket?!

But Miz Beckinsale had the purr-fect reaction! She took one look into the troll’s IG profile picture and wrote:

“You’re wearing speedo goggles — it might be difficult for you to be entirely assured about what you’re seeing — much less comment about it. ”

Yasss! Love that biting humor! Do NOT expect to win the war of words along with Kate Beckinsale, y’all! (Especially when she has a fantastic doll kitten by the girl side! )

BTW, Clive plays an extremely convincing Chucky! Scary things!

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April 26, 2020 14: 20pm PDT

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