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It’ s all practical deck/ boar on the floor in The particular Ellen Degeneres Show as suppliers scramble to right the particular ship. According to Us Weekly , on Monday, producers kept a staff meeting assuring workers that “ the particular show will go on ” and that they are doing every thing possible to ensure that people “ have fun at work, ” because “ a show that brings a lot happiness and fun, it must be a happy show to operate on. ” To that particular end, ice cream and tickle breaks between floggings would be the new norm.

We’ ve heard conflicting reviews about the destiny of Ellen Degeneres ‘ display since BuzzFeed published their reveal wherein present and former employees lamented about a toxic environment concealed from the public view, including allegations of racism, sexism, and sexual misconduct at the hands of executive suppliers Kevin Leman and Ed Glavin . But WarnerMedia is evidently checking out the allegations and Ellen’ s not really ready to walk away from the handbag just yet, so in order to move ahead, morale must be improved simply by cramming the words “ fun ” plus “ happy ” down everybody’ h throat like geese in a FUN! foie gras stock.

The producers held the call with staffers upon Monday, August 3, 1 week after WarnerMedia announced the internal review of the day time talk show. A source lets us know Weekly exclusively that they “ addressed” the media reviews during the meeting and stated they want their team in order to “ have fun at work. ” Among those attending the conference were executive producers Andy Lassner , Mary Connelly and Derek Westervelt .

“ Someone said a lot of true and a lot of it is not genuine, ” the source adds. “ They said we are handling every thing details will be very different now. … A show that brings a lot happiness and fun, it must be a happy show to operate on. ”

As the meeting continued, a small number of employees “ voiced several concerns, ” while some from the producers “ got known as out about stuff that occurred in the past. ” Despite gossips, the team reassured their particular crew that “ the particular show will go on. ”

“ The particular producers ultimately said a person all still have a job right here and you will all get paid, nevertheless that may be, ” the source states. “ They said Ellen is not quitting and the show will go upon. … That woman provides so much joy to people it would break a lot of minds to stop doing this show. It had been a pep talk plus made some staffers feel a lot better. ”

Meanwhile, as Ellen is constantly on the battle the decimation associated with her reputation as America’ s Sweetart, big-name celebs and lowly worms as well are flocking to her protection. Yesterday, megawatt (TV) superstar Portia sobre Rossi (1998’ s Ideal Assassin ) turned out with a full-throated statement associated with solidarity including the hashtag #IStandByEllen which usually isn’ t quite because forceful as standing with Ellen. I “ stand by ” Ellen makes it sound more like a person stand in her common vicinity not making fixing their gaze just in case Ellen needs something similar to her cheaters or a latte. Fun fact: Portia can also be Ellen’ s wife! Nowadays, another big name, Katy Perry , announced #IStandByEllen.

Oops, she forgot the particular hashtag! What a clown. Yet that makes TWO certified famous people who have come forward to back up Ellen in her moments of need, and only one of them comes with an underwear drawer at the girl house (hint, it’ s not really George W. Bush ). Judging by the number of individuals using the #IStandByEllen hashtag upon Twitter, crickets are the girl #1 fans.

Well OK, crickets and Grey’ s Anatomy stans.

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