We are making  soap since many centuries and still using the procedure in  modern world. The process of making soap has been changed over the years but then also the traditional way of making soap won’t fade away.

There are many ways to make soap but the way our ancestor used to make, the hard work, the technique can not be compared to our new modern way of making soap.

Our ancestor used to believe more in labor than machine work and that resulted in traditional ways. They used to hire labors to do different kinds of work by hand like, melting ingredients, stamping, wrapping, storage, placing it on floor and packaging.

Nablus  Soap:

Nablus soap factory tells us about the traditional way of making soap which is lightly relevant in this age. It is based in Palestine. The soap is made up of three components and that is virgin olive oil, water and sodium.

The Process Of Making Soap: 

Boiling: They boil all three ingredients (water, oil and sodium) together in a  large copper bowl. The water is naturally rich in iron so it is considered to be a little secret.

Laying And Molding:

After boiling all the ingredients and making it in a liquid form, the texture is checked by giving it a small shape. Once the mixture is done then they lay the mixture on floor on sheet of paper to let is cool for a while. They carry this process for a day  because  it gives thickness to the soap and  mostly it can  mold into a bar.

Cutting And Stamping:

When soap is thickened then its ready for cutting. The soap of bar is cut by a string attached from top to end. After cutting and shaping it into a bar the stamping is yet to done. The stamping is the main activity to do, to recognize a brand.






The structure is set up like a pyramid with soap of bars, letting the air consequently pass by. This process makes the soap to dry  completely which reduces alkaline and moisture for keeping the soap hard and long lasting.



Packaging is the last thing to do. The soap is wrapped in paper and then export. An individual is able to wrap 500-1000 soap of bar in one hour.

Source : Youtube