An online posting warning Chinese travelers regarding extortion in the guise of COVID-19 assessment and isolation when transiting through China’s Fujian State went viral recently. The particular message was posted upon Chinese social media on September. 5 by Wang Lizhi, a pro-Beijing businessman which currently resides in Nyc.

Wang mentioned: “Relevant departments of Fujian Province make a fortune simply by deliberately giving false check results and transferring healthful people to Fuzhou Pulmonary Medical center for a comprehensive examination. Even if no disease is found plus everything is normal, you have to be isolated in the medical center for 14 days. ”

The post furthermore detailed the basic cost of the hospital bed as three hundred and fifty yuan ($51), with a complete daily cost of around nine hundred yuan ($132). The cost of the 14-day quarantine is over ten, 000 yuan ($1, 462).

“Calling the particular mayor’s hotline takes week to get a response. Calling the particular CDC, you learn that it must be a state regulation. ” This individual continued, “I don’t think the state would regulate like this. I’d rather believe that this really is entirely the Fujian Provincial Government colluding with the dodgy hospital to entrap the particular citizens. Isn’t Fujian State ruled by the Communist Celebration? Is this still an authorities under the Communist Party? ”

Wang expectations that people who share exactly the same views would forward the particular post to let a lot more people know about the situation.

Ge Bidong, the U. S. -based Chinese language economist, told The Epoch Times that the issues plus doubts that Wang elevated about the Chinese regime is really a typical reaction among those who may have benefited from being associated with the Chinese Communist Celebration ( CCP ).

While the United States is decoupling from China, Ge mentioned, “These pro-Communists make options based on their interests plus needs. When they see the finish of the CCP, it is possible they are going to distance themselves or even instantly oppose communism. That’s not really awakening, it’s another kind of rumours. ”

Extortion in the Guise of Tests and Isolation

The Epoch Times talked with a reporter who investigated Wang’s extortion claims. The particular reporter, who wished to stay anonymous, called the Fuzhou City and county Health Commission, the pandemic prevention hotline, as well as the Fuzhou Pulmonary Hospital within Fujian. The answers this individual got from the staff had been contradictory, especially regarding the charges involved, and some simply declared that they didn’t know everything about the situation.

Staff at the Health Commission rate told the reporter that will anyone with a positive nucleic acidity test is sent to the particular Fuzhou Pulmonary Hospital meant for treatment. “As for the price of the hospitalization, ask the particular pandemic prevention hotline. The committee staff on duty may answer in detail. ”

The reporter the pandemic prevention hotline plus was told that right after returning from abroad, the particular nucleic acid test is performed before a person can enter the edge. “After the border examine is completed, the nucleic acidity test will be performed once again (a second time). It will take six hours for two assessments. After the second test, the particular traveler will go to a pen hotel for 14 days. This particular hotel charges about four hundred yuan ($59) a day, therefore the cost for 14 days is all about 5, 000 yuan ($731). Those who test negative may proceed to their next location but must be quarantined in your own home for seven days. ”

“If one checks positive, one must visit Fuzhou Pulmonary Hospital intended for treatment—the designated hospital. The price varies according to the treatment. When there are no symptoms, the particular medical assessment won’t price much. For positive (testers), the initial stay costs regarding 10, 000 yuan. The size of hospital stay depends on once the person tests negative, which could take 20 to thirty days. It’s possible. ”

The cost of the hospital mattress is the regular rate associated with “dozens of dollars (a day), the domestic mattress fee is very low, ” the staff said. Once the reporter said that the rate is usually 350 yuan, as stated within Wang’s online post, the particular staff responded, “For an individual in a negative pressure keep, which means that the air pressure within the ward is lower than the surroundings pressure outside, it is possible to cost 350 yuan. ” The particular reporter was told in order to ask the hospital about the costs.

The employees said that Fuzhou has had a lot more than 30, 000 returnees and never many tested positive, declaring that “70 or eighty were sent to the hospital. ”

When the media reporter called the medical department associated with Fuzhou Pulmonary Hospital, an employee member said that their medical center is designated for the remedying of COVID-19 in Fuzhou. Basically, those returning from overseas who test positive should go to that hospital intended for treatment.

Concerning bed charges, the personnel said, “I’m not the individual in charge, I’m not sure (of the cost). If you want to learn more, then call the Health Commission payment. They know everything about this. We aren’t allowed to solution any other questions. We can just answer questions about remaining in our hospital. ”

Regarding medical insurance, the lady said, “For those coming back from overseas, our plan is that if they have a health care insurance card; some people with asymptomatic infections will be reimbursed, as well as the reimbursement rate will be according to local regulations. For those who check positive, we require info to verify the quality and coverage of the health care insurance. It involves a lot of details prior to the charges are finalized. Irrespective, patients pay up front and seek reimbursement. ”

Another staffer declared that the average cost for individuals discharged within 14 days is all about 20, 000 yuan ($2, 925). “This 20, 500 yuan applies to those who have most diseases, and pneumonia was your only disease dealt with. ” She said that the average day-to-day cost for people returning to the particular province is about 1, five hundred yuan ($219).

She said that they are a situation funded hospital and should receive full payment of the services. “Otherwise, you will get a lawyer’s letter, because the bad debts to the hospital, the government, as well as the finance department will undoubtedly cause a bad credit rating, which usually bans people from take a trip by plane or teach. ”

Mister. Huang, a resident associated with Fujian, told The Epoch Times that people returning through abroad are a big bit of meat that the local government may prey on. “For example, the federal government designates the quarantine resort, which is a resource (for them). The recently collapsed resort in Quanzhou was entertained by many people from various provinces. It costs one, 200 yuan ($176) per day, they are all pieces of meat. ”

Netizens plus Merchants Can’t Escape In the CCP

There was many online comments regarding Wang Lizhi’s post regarding directly criticizing the CCP. One netizen wrote: “It seems that the communist sickle has cut its red-colored expatriate. Sad. ”

According to a report simply by Chinese media GCTV, Wang moved to the United States in 1998. His company occupies almost 50, 000 square foot of office and space for storage. It has been said that for every ten units of Chinese seasonings sold in major Chinese grocery stores in the United States, seven come from their company.

The native of Shandong State, Wang is a representative of the particular Shandong Compatriots Organization plus president of the American Shandong Chamber of Commerce plus Industry.

Within China, Wang owns various large agricultural bases plus food processing plants. This individual currently serves as the Professional Vice President of the Abroad Chinese Affairs Office from the Shandong Provincial Government, the particular Executive Vice President from the Overseas Chinese Chamber associated with Commerce, and is a member from the Standing Committee of the Shandong Changyi City CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), one of the CCP’s rubber-stamp legislature bodies.

A good insider of the Shandong compatriots organization revealed that Wang returned to Shandong once the pandemic first broke away in the United States this year. He had been expected to return to the United States within mid-August, but has not however done so.

Mister. Wang, a resident through Fujian, said that almost all abroad Chinese Chambers of Business organizations are filled with entrepreneurs who are affiliated with the program. Their so-called success will not come from their own talents or even strengths, but from the assistance of the CCP. “The function of the Chamber of Business in foreign countries is basically for show. The same holds true domestically. Every province includes a Chamber of Commerce which is supported by the regime. The particular Chamber of Commerce is similar to a local underworld. ”