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The world found out that Meghan Markle was pregnant with Prince Harry’s baby on October 15th, 2018, with an official royal announcement from Kensington Palace. Except that’s reportedly not the day everyone found out. There was a rumor going around at the time that three days before the official announcement, Meghan dropped her new baby news to everyone at Princess Eugenie’s wedding to that Brooksbank dude. Sources quickly quieted that rumor, saying that Meghan and Harry actually told the royal family that Meghan was pregnant several days before Eugenie’s wedding. But according to the ten-millionth published excerpt from Finding Freedom (a bunch of which I’ll get into after the cut), the first rumor was allegedly the accurate one.

According to one source who spoke with Finding Freedom authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, Meghan allegedly announced her pregnancy to friends and family during Eugenie’s wedding ceremony and reception on October 12th. Naturally, Eugenie was super pissed, and the source says that the whole thing kind of messed up her once-close relationship with her cousin Harry. via The Sun.

The decision “did not go down particularly well.”

“A source said told friends she felt the couple should have waited to share the news.”

I’m pretty sure everyone from Martha Stewart Weddings to Miss Manners would probably have advised Meghan and Harry against announcing their successful sperm-to-egg moment. There are some things you don’t do at a wedding. You don’t show up in white. You don’t get drunk and piss on a gift-wrapped toaster. You don’t throw a hand over your belly and make eyes that say, “PLEASE ASK ME ABOUT MY UTERUS.” And literally the only day that anyone would be required to care about Eugenie? That’s just cruel. I mean, she was barely able to get any attention to begin with.

The Sun did a little back-up research of their own, and they think Eugenie’s mom and dad might be clueless as to how hurt Eugenie was about Meghan allegedly stealing the spotlight with her pregnancy news.

The Duchess of York made sure to keep her focus on Princess Eugenie – tweeting out the congratulatory message to her daughter barely 40 minutes after Kensington Palace shared the baby news. The Duke of York  himself also failed to mention Meghan and Harry’s big news as he celebrated the wedding.

Speaking of Meghan and Harry’s baby, we also know a little bit more about all those nannies they allegedly went through. Last year it was rumored that the former Sussexes had gone through three nannies for Archie in six weeks. They never denied that. But sources that were quoted in Finding Freedom say that they had to go through those nannies, because the first one was allegedly incompetent, and the second was redundant. via The Independent:

“They decided to hire a night nurse to establish a sleep schedule and be an extra pair of helping hands. But their time with the couple brief. Meghan and Harry were forced to let the nurse go in the middle of her second night for being unprofessional and irresponsible. Neither found themselves comfortable sleeping through the night without going to check on Archie regularly.”

If Finding Freedom is telling the truth that Meghan and Harry really did drop their pregnancy news on Eugenie’s day, well that’s too bad. But it’s nothing compared to the bombshell she could have dropped! According to another excerpt published, the identity of the mysterious anonymous blogger of the site The Working Actress was – dramatic music – Meghan Markle! via HuffPo:

“The Tig wasn’t the first time that Meghan had taken to the internet to not only express herself but also to reach out to others. From 2010-2012, she wrote The Working Actress, an anonymous blog that detailed the pitfalls and triumphs of struggling to make it in Hollywood,” the authors write.

Though Meghan “never publicly acknowledged authorship of the popular blog, it was one of the industry’s worst-kept secrets that she was the face behind it. And she quickly became recognized for its clever advice and honest anecdotes.”

This news isn’t really that earth-shattering, as The Daily Mail wrote about it back in 2018.

Finding Freedom also reveals that once The Tig started getting a bit popular online, Meghan was offered a book deal. There was also talk of a TV show that would feature Meghan traveling the world, trying new food, with a focus on sustainability. Well, Meghan ended up traveling the world and promoting sustainability, but if her life as a Duchess resembled anything like a TV show, it was a mash-up between The Crown and The Twilight Zone.

At this point we basically know every last page of Finding Freedom, so how is one of the book’s villains reacting to it? Sources tell Us Weekly that Prince William isn’t a fan. Shocking!

“William thinks the book is their calculated way of controlling the narrative and that they took advantage of their entertainment contacts so they’d be painted in a favorable light,” the source said.

Another insider noted, “Even before the book came out, the bad blood between William and Harry was apparent. But it’s taken a whole new turn.”

So much for the royal family’s hope that William and Harry will eventually kiss and make up. But William needs to remember that the book doesn’t paint them in a totally flattering light. For example, there’s a part about how Harry was “delightfully surprised” to discover that Meghan was the type to pee in the woods during a camping trip. If they really wanted to control that narrative, they wouldn’t have included the type of story that has surely made more than one person wonder what is that family’s obsession with lady fluids.