Planned Parenthood is not really having any of Kanye Western ’ ersus nonsense!  

And to become clear, there was a LOT of nonsense within what Forbes characterizes as “ 4 rambling hours of selection interviews, ” excerpts of which had been released on Wednesday. It’ s impossible to choose only one quote as the worst from the lot, but Planned Motherhood is refuting the especially offensive and harmful accusations the rapper leveled contrary to the organization.  

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During the course of the job interview, the Yeezy founder branded himself as “ pro-life” because of the “ word from the bible. ” Yeah, great old fashioned biblical misogyny — next he’ ll end up being making  Kim Kardashian Western leave the house throughout her period. Ugh.

This individual also had this to express about the reproductive health medical center specifically:  

“ Planned Parenthoods are already placed inside cities simply by white supremacists to do the particular Devil’ s work. ”

There’ s an intricate history behind this declare, but anti-abortion proponents possess long used it to challenge the good work Planned Motherhood does because its owner, Margaret Sanger , allegedly espoused eugenicist sights. But much like the Republican Celebration no longer being “ the particular party of Lincoln”, the current incarnation of Planned Motherhood does NOT support those beliefs and has long since widely denounced them.

Whether Kanye understands it or not, the right wingers who spun out this particular conspiracy theory don’ capital t even really believe this — they just want to create their base and keep the particular one-issue voters on their aspect while they turn aside the needy, steal through the sick, and crush a chance of the meek ever getting jack s**t.

Not to mention, we do really know for a fact who the particular white supremacists support

Nia Martin-Robinson , Director of Black Management and Engagement at PP, gave a statement in order to TMZ in the harsh rebuttal of West’ s words. She stated:

“ Dark women are free to create our own decisions about your body and pregnancies, and need and deserve to have access to the very best medical care available. … Any kind of insinuation that abortion is definitely Black genocide is unpleasant and infantilizing. The real danger to Black communities’ protection, health, and lives comes from lack of access to quality, inexpensive health care, police violence as well as the criminalization of reproductive healthcare by anti-abortion opposition. ”

Ye’ s episodes on women’ s reproductive : rights are particularly shocking as they come on the same day time that the Supreme Court passed down a decision allowing employers in order to deny birth control as part of their particular health care plans due to “ spiritual or moral objections . ” Oof.

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His sights also seem to be at chances with his own wife , who has spoken on with reproductive rights and known as Planned Parenthood “ a fantastic place” on Instagram in 2017:  

“ My sisters and am visited Planned Parenthood lately and learned that the House associated with Representatives forced through a costs that strips health care protection from millions of people and increases health care costs, including Prepared Parenthood patients. 😢 They may be such an amazing place that delivers so much to so many! #istandwithpp”

Kim Kardashian planned motherhood support iG Kim’ s Instagram post through 2017 specifically used the well-known hashtag “ #istandwithpp” to back up the organization. / (c) Betty Kardashian/Instagram

It’ s probably a dropped cause to hope Nia’ s words (or Kim’ s, assuming she’ ersus willing to fight with her spouse for what she believes) will get through to Kanye.

Yet hopefully they can reach other people who may be on the fencing about the organization’ s crucial importance to our society. Inside a country where women’ h reproductive rights are already below fire, the last thing we need is really a narcissistic, egotistical billionaire acquiring aim at valuable organizations like Planned Parenthood.