Of all dog breeds, Pit Bulls have the worst reputation. It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, hundreds of thousands of pit bulls get used and abused for money around the world and there’s not much people can do about it. One such pit bull was found by rescue organization Hope For Paws and they couldn’t believe the condition she was living in. 

The rescue group received a text about a sick and wounded pit bull living next to an abandoned house. They team found her siting quietly and they could tell that she couldn’t see properly due to the injuries. She was terrified and confused when she saw the rescuers approaching her but she didn’t make a sound. Probably she sensed that they were there to help her. They named her Cadence.

The dog was covered in bruises and it appeared that she was used in a dog fighting ring. She was immediately transported to a vet where she received necessary treatment for her wounds. Within the next 24 hours, Cadence looked and felt like a new dog and things looked even better when she met a rescue Pit Bull named Chance. Chance immediately took a liking to her and licked her wounds to make her feel better. After a lot of TLC from her loving rescuers, Cadence turned into a playful and loving dog who adores kids. Watch the pit bull’s amazing transformation. 

Note: Please be advised that some of the content are too graphic in nature and might e disturbing to some viewers. 

(Source: Hope For Paws)